The Atlantic Hockey Federation’s Selects showcased their talent and resilience during the highly competitive Quebec International PeeWee Hockey Tournament held from February 8th to 18th, 2024. As participants in the M13 AA Division, the AHF Selects emerged as the 2024 finalists, leaving an indelible mark on the prestigious event.

The journey began on February 9th with an exhibition game against Zenith Ice Korea. Despite a valiant effort, the AHF Selects fell short, losing 2-4. However, this setback only fueled their determination for the challenges ahead.

On February 11th, the team rebounded spectacularly in Exhibition Game 2 against the Vegas Golden Knights, securing a commanding 5-0 victory.

The tournament continued with ups and downs, as the AHF Selects faced the Hong Kong Typhoons on February 12th in their first official game. Although they fought hard, they narrowly lost 2-3. Undeterred, the team used this experience as motivation for the games to come.

In the midst of the tournament, the AHF Selects engaged in an Exhibition Game 3 against England National on February 14th, emerging triumphant with a convincing 6-1 win. The victory not only boosted morale but also showcased the team’s ability to adapt and excel.

The tournament’s intensity reached its peak on February 15th when the AHF Selects faced Team Kazakhstan in Game 2. With outstanding performances, including a hat-trick from Chris DiCrecchio and a goal from John Ciesla, the team secured a 4-2 victory, setting the stage for further success.

Continuing their winning streak, the AHF Selects faced Team Romania Wolves on February 16th, clinching a dominant 4-0 triumph. Goals from Cameron Book, Aiden Honan, Connor Cusato, and Aiden Guinter highlighted the team’s depth and skill across the roster.

The semi-final on February 17th saw the AHF Selects pitted against Team Doritos in a fiercely contested match. With goals from Aiden Cash and Aiden Honan, the team secured a hard-fought 2-1 victory, earning a spot in the finals.

The grand finale on February 19th saw the AHF Selects facing off against Austria and Stars. Despite a valiant effort, the team narrowly lost 3-2, with goals from Aiden Cash and Andrew Schmid.

Beyond the rink, the AHF Selects immersed themselves in the rich culture of Quebec. Staying with Billet Families provided a unique opportunity to connect with the local community, while activities like snow tubing and indulging in sweets at the Sugar Shack added memorable experiences to their journey. Attending a Remparts game further deepened their appreciation for the love of hockey in Quebec.

The Atlantic Hockey Federation’s journey at the Quebec International PeeWee Hockey Tournament was marked by thrilling victories, hard-fought battles, and unforgettable experiences both on and off the ice. The team’s dedication and camaraderie showcased the true spirit of youth hockey, leaving a lasting legacy in the heart of Quebec.