AHF Teams, Players, and Families 

I want to thank you for a good week of hockey at the AHF Parity Event.  We realize the weekend had some challenges and we appreciate the teams working with the league to make the event a positive experience for the teams, players, and their families. The weekend featured over 450 games in 20 divisions played at 9 rinks in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. 

The AHF will be working with coaches and hockey directors to gather feedback from the weekend. This weekend was the first parity event the AHF has hosted and will look to build on the experience to make the event better as we move forward.  

I would like to personally apologize to the 14A teams at Ice Line on Sunday.  Due to the scheduling changes, there was a miscommunication and an issue with scheduling referees which significantly delayed all the games at Ice Line.  We are sorry for this situation and will work to ensure this will not happen again.  

The AHF will now be analyzing the results and data from the AHF Parity Event to build a matrix for each AHF team which will be ultimately used by the teams to create their schedule for the season. The AHF is committed to improving the competitive balance of all the divisions in the league and the data from the games this weekend will be an extremely valuable resource to the AHF staff.

Enjoy the “offseason” and see you in August.

Tony Zasowski

AHF Commissioner