The Atlantic Hockey Federation has announced the addition of Boulder Hockey Club to its roster of members for the upcoming 2024-25 season. Founded in 1970 as a non-profit organization, Boulder has been a cornerstone of the hockey community in Superior, Colorado, and its surrounding areas for over five decades.

With a membership of over 350 players, Boulder Hockey Club is not just a hockey association; it’s a thriving community dedicated to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for the sport. What sets Boulder apart is its comprehensive approach to development, offering recreational, travel recreational, and Tier II hockey programs. This diverse range ensures that players of all skill levels have the opportunity to grow and excel in a supportive environment.

One of the defining characteristics of Boulder Hockey Club is its commitment to professionalism and excellence. Non-parent head coaches, on-ice age group directors, a goalie director, tier 1 skill specialists, and a dedicated hockey operations team work tirelessly to ensure that every player reaches their full potential. Moreover, with the recent rebranding to the RoughRiders, aligning with the esteemed Rocky Mountain RoughRider Tier I program, Boulder has further solidified its position as a premier hockey organization in the region.

The home rink for Boulder Hockey Club is the state-of-the-art Blue Sport Stable in Superior, Colorado. This impressive sports complex boasts two NHL-sized rinks, a skill pad rink, numerous locker rooms, and additional facilities such as a turf field, basketball/volleyball courts, batting cages, and more.

However, Boulder Hockey Club is not solely focused on developing elite athletes; it’s also dedicated to instilling important values in its members. Emphasizing sportsmanship, integrity, self-esteem, dedication, and commitment, Boulder uses ice hockey as a vehicle for personal and community growth. The organization places a strong emphasis on family, education, diversity, teamwork, and positive conduct, ensuring that every player, coach, volunteer, and parent contributes to a culture of respect and pride.

As Boulder Hockey Club embarks on its journey as a member of the Atlantic Hockey Federation, it brings with it a legacy of excellence, a commitment to development, and a passion for the sport. With its strong foundation and dedication to its core values, Boulder is poised to make a significant impact within the AHF, shaping the future of hockey in Colorado and beyond.

About Atlantic Hockey Federation
The Atlantic Hockey Federation is a USA Hockey Sanctioned Elite Tier-II Youth Hockey League that facilitates games throughout the United States for its members and families. Committed to providing high-quality league games, the AHF caters to over 55 member-owned clubs, spanning AA divisions for age groups 9U, 10, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, and 18U. Additionally, the league offers A/B hockey at the 10U, 12U, 14U age groups, as well as 16U A and 18U A levels.

What sets the AHF apart is its unique structure, with each of its founders and member clubs operating across all levels of the youth and junior hockey spectrum, from Mite to Midget at the youth level, and from Tier III juniors to Tier I juniors in the USHL. If you are seeking value and exposure to play college hockey, the AHF is for you.

The AHF distinguishes itself with a full-time professional staff, live scoring, and extensive social media coverage, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking the best. With parity, showcases, All-Stars, and Championships, the AHF offers a complete experience for our members.