The Jersey Shore Americans 8U team took a trip to the McGuire Air Force Base this month providing them with a comprehensive look at various operations and activities. 

Thanks to an exceptional tour guide, the kids had the opportunity to witness a diverse range of operations including, exploring the interior of a refueler aircraft and understand the role of “boom” operators during in-air refueling. 

The tour also included a glimpse into the functioning of the air base’s tower operation, involving plane clearances, takeoffs, landings, and training exercises.The on-base fire department offered a tour where the kids got to interact with a fire truck, exploring its features such as lights, sounds, ladder, and hoses.

The tour extended to on-base housing, where the kids learned about different ranks and accommodations.The base itself was showcased, highlighting its self-contained community resources catering to families.

The kids enjoyed the hands-on nature of the experience and found almost every part of the tour exciting.The tour provided the kids with engaging opportunities to move around active equipment, witness aircraft movements up close, and understand the concept of sacrifice. It also conveyed the importance of hard work and its potential rewards.

The coach organized the tour as a team bonding session to educate the kids about those who serve our country. Additionally, the coach plans to arrange an outing with a local police department to teach the kids the values of giving back and hard work.

Overall, this tour not only offered a fascinating insight into various operations but also left a lasting impression on the kids, inspiring them and fostering a deeper appreciation for the efforts of those who serve the country.