For the week ending on October 23, the Atlantic Hockey Federation (AHF) rankings are in. KRACH is a team’s win/loss ratio multiplied by strength of schedule. These ratings will fluctuate greatly early in the season. 

The teams that are in first in each AA division are Ashburn Xtreme 2012 (10U), Ashburn Xtreme 2010 (12U), North Jersey Avalanche (13U), Ashburn Xtreme 08 (14U), Myha AA Gold (15U), Team Philadelphia Black (16U) and Blazers (18U). 

For the A division, the top teams in each group are the NJ Bandits Grey (10U Gretzky Division), Royals White (10U Lemieux Division), Southern Maryland Sabres Gold (12U Gretzky), NJ Sportscare Kings Blue (12U Lemieux), Grundy Senators Gold (14U Gretzky), Frederick Freeze LA (14U Lemieux), Lancaster Firebirds Black (16U Gretzky), Delaware Ducks (16U Lemieux) and Wissahickon Warriors Red (18U). 

For the B Division, the three teams with the most ratings are Jersey Shore Wildcats Black (10U), Ashburn Xtreme Peewee X2 (12U), and the Myha 14U B Blue (14U). The LI Monarchs 14AAA are on top of the rankings for this week in the Mites category. KRACH Ratings are coming out soon for Full Ice Mite Add On teams. 

In November, KRACH ratings will help break up each division into multiple subdivisions.  Teams will have the ability to move up and down subdivisions until January. The final subdivision will include the teams in competition for a playoff spot.