Jersey Shore Americans: The Americans had seven different goal scorers in their three posted games, with Nicholas ColosiAdam Davino, and Rob McCarthy registering multi-goal games. Colosi got it done on both sides of the puck, as he had four goals in three games, while also having a 15-save performance in the Americans’ victory Saturday Morning. 

NJ Outlaws: In their first showing in the AHF Showcases, the Outlaws had a solid showing for themselves. The scoring was distributed around, too, as seven players have multiple goals over the weekend. Declan York led the way with four goals, while Hayden ChamidesChristian Paul, and Charles Heartley had three goals each. 

Ashburn Rebels 2: Another impressive showing by the Rebels, as in three of their games; they managed to have five or more different goal scorers on the scoresheet. Brodie DeVelli led the way with five goals in those three games. Not only was their offense impressive, but their defense held their Mite A opponents to only 12 shots-per-game in the Showcase.