Marcel Camper – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Royals head coach Barney Weber described Camper as the “ultimate team player.” Accompanying his team-first mindset is a type of physical play that is a force to be reckoned with.

Riley Capecci – Holydell Hurricanes White (Gold)

– Capecci can skate circles around nearly any defender and is skilled in every aspect of the game. He’s expected to have his name all over the score sheet, and he has done so thus far, notching two goals and four points over two games.

Alvin Grubb – Team Philadelphia White (Silver)

– An incredible playmaker, Grubb has the ability to read the game with ease and create the best chances possible for his team. This ability has shown on the scoresheet, tallying two assists in his first game.

Adam Iles – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– Iles’s playmaking ability is among the best in the age group. He has great puck handling and a superb passing talent, along with above average finishing ability.

Flint Kodak – Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black (Silver)

A power forward with a strong, accurate shot, Kodak is a tough force to contain in the Jr. Black Bears offensive attack. Willing to get physical to win puck battles, he can cause problems all over the ice.

Michael Rago – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Having a high hockey IQ can take you a long way and that is exactly what Rago possesses. His intelligence is often displayed in his timely passes.

Gareth Schoeffler – Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black (Silver)

A headsy centerman, Schoeffler never gives up on a play and does all he can to keep attacks alive. Always aware of where the best play is, he can use his strength and skill to execute to perfection.

Kyle Sigwart – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver) 

– Sigwart’s sense for the net and shooting talent is something that instantly catches the eye. He possesses the speed to break away from the defense and also has the physicality to serve as a power forward.

Chase Strange – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Along with an elite scoring touch, Strange can easily slip by defenders with high level speed and elusiveness. Chase also plays with a gritty style that can fluster opponents.

Andrew Way – Holydell Hurricanes White (Gold)

– Captain of the Hurricanes, Way’s leadership and poise shows that his potential doesn’t just rest in his skill on the ice. Of course, having passing talent as good as Andrew’s certainly helps.

Ian Weber – Atlantic City Sharks (Gold)

– With great physical size for his position, Weber has the puck on a string whenever it is in his possession. Along with his good hands is an electric shot.

Russell Weber – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Using his explosive skating, Weber can create his own opportunities by laying the body on his opponents. He can also finish those opportunities with a supreme scoring touch.

Joe Duemmer, New Jersey Bandits (Silver)

– Strong two-way forward who works hard on both sides of the puck. Has a strong shot, has good hands, and makes good accurate passes. 


John Cherubini – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Fast and physical are the best words to describe Cherubini. With his quick skating and hard-nosed playing style, he is quick to provide support in any part of the ice.

Aiden Donnelly – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– Donnelly is a threatening presence all over the ice. He can shut down attacks with textbook poke checks while he can break down defenses with a wicked slapshot.

Grant Galvin – North Jersey Avalanche (Gold)

– A fleet-of-foot blue liner that can help in creating an attack from a defensive stop, Galvin is expected to be near the top of the Avalanche in assists. He has a decent start in that category, having an assist through two games.

Ethan Ives – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– Ives is a big, physical defenseman that isn’t afraid to throw his body around to win battles for the puck. He also utilizes solid puck movement and a powerful wrist shot.

Allen Magie – North Jersey Avalanche (Gold)

– An offensively-gifted defenseman, Magie can send blistering shots from the blue line and has dynamic skating talents that allow him to create open space. The Avalanche can rely on him to generate chances from the blue line.

Ryan Roscoe – Atlantic City Sharks (Gold)

– A playmaking defenseman, Roscoe makes good use of his vision of the ice and physical play to spark offensive attacks for the Sharks. He is also efficient when skating in reverse, rarely getting beat while recovering defensively.

Lukas Stratton – Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black (Silver)

– Stratton is a defenseman that is strong and powerful on his skates. Able to move around the defensive zone with ease, don’t expect many opponents to be left unmarked when Maryland’s vocal leader is on the ice.

Jake Chromcik, New Jersey Bandits (Silver)

– Strong two-way defenseman who excels on both ends of the ice. Contributes as much defensively as he does offensively.  


Kyle Foster – Rockets Hockey Club (Gold)

– One of the best netminders in the age group, Foster serves as an excellent last line of defense. Through two games in the showcase so far, he has saved 31-of-33 shots against in 85 minutes of ice time.

Ricky Gonzalez – Grundy Senators (Gold)

– Don’t try to sneak one by Gonzalez on his stick side, he’ll more than likely have it locked down. Paired with his good size, Ricky will definitely be tough to break through in net.

Ella Hydutsky – Team Philadelphia White (Silver)

– Hydutsky is a quick, agile goalie that can anticipate plays very well. There isn’t a weak spot for opponents to expose, making Ella a dependable presence in goal.


Gerhig Callahan – Atlantic City Sharks (Gold)

– Already 6’5”, 225 pounds at the age of 16, Callahan uses his frame effectively as both a center and a defenseman. In addition to a powerful shot, Callahan is also a great leader.

Trevor Hyman – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– A true 200-foot player, Hyman is both a scoring threat as a forward and a solid defenseman. His offensive skill set stands out the most, as he has both outstanding passing and shooting abilities.


Elwyn Craig, Delaware Ducks 2

Elwyn has great hands that he uses to move through traffic and free up space for his great wrist shot. He used these skills to finish the weekend with three goals (which is tied for most on the team).


Ben Kaplan, Montgomery Blue Devils LA Blue

Ben is a great team player that has a thing for scoring big goals. He used his scoring instinct to score six goals and eight points this past weekend (good for first on the team in both categories).


Joey Kiss, Team Philadelphia

Joey brings a wide range of skills to his offense and the stat sheet reflects it, leading his team with five goals and seven points. His goal-scoring skills were on display when he scored the game-winning goal in the third period to beat the NJ Bandits 4-3.


Nick Cimaszewski, Tomorrow’s North Stars Red

Nick used his combination of size, speed, and shot in putting together quite a weekend. His 23 pts (20G, 3A) were impressive on their own, but more so in the fact that he played the point in 1 game, showing his ability to be used anywhere on the ice.


Jonah Shifrin, Team Montgomery Blue Devils LA Blue

Jonah brings hustle and speed to every shift he takes. He can also pass the puck well too, totaling six points this weekend.


Henry Aurthur, Tomorrow’s North Stars Red

Henry has great dangles but also some great vision in setting up some beautiful plays. He ended the weekend with 14 goals and 5 assists. His play on defense for one of the games earned him a team Player of the Game award.





Garrett Yu, Team Philadelphia

Garrett has a great hockey sense and is great at causing turnovers when on the ice. He can also score too, tallying four goals in four games.


Gunnar Schwanke, Tomorrow’s North Stars Red

Gunnar showed a wide range of skills throughout the weekend, playing all positions and excelling at each of them. He was able to tally seven goals and 16 points this showcase.


Brayden Beukema, Delaware Ducks 2

Brayden displayed the skills of a true shutdown defenseman this past weekend. He was strong in his own zone and generated a lot of turnovers that he helped turn into offensive chances.




Emile Ruhlmann, MYHA Gold

Emile showed resilience in the net, racking up 137 total saves (including 58 in one game)!


Justin Pribish, Team Philadelphia

Justin helped his team to go 4-0 this past weekend. He recorded a shutout victory and made some great saves while helping his team win.


Charlie Murray, Grundy Senators

Charlie was a brick wall in net this weekend! He saw the puck incredibly well and stood on his head for dozens of shots!


Mathew Lee, Delaware Ducks 2

Mathew displayed his skills in between the pipes this weekend, showcasing his great butterfly play and his ability to bait players to go five-hole. He has great side-to-side movement is stands tall against breakaways.


Gabriel Hernandez, Montgomery Blue Devils LA Blue

Gabriel displayed the true skills of a goaltender this past weekend. He made some great saves and kept a positive attitude to help his team win.



Jack Scott, Brick Hockey Club White

Jack led the Brick Hockey Club over the weekend with 14 goals and 1 assist. He showed poise and great offensive ability, but most importantly, he showed leadership qualities when he volunteered to play defense when the team needed him.


Shane Hicks-Cree, Hollydell Hurricanes White

Shane proved to be excellent in both the offensive and defensive zone. He hustled all weekend and was a cornerstone in the defensive effort, all while scoring two goals as well.


Tyler McDow, Jersey Shore Wildcats Red

Tyler is another forward who proved clutch in the defensive zone while being a forward. He showed patience and hockey IQ to make the plays he needed to make. He also showed off his offensive instincts, scoring a team-high four goals and five points.


Kieran Prozorov, Royals Hockey Club National White

Kieran is a goal scorer through and through. He has a scoring touch and finds himself in position every time.  Smart with the puck, Kieran was able to move the puck to his teammates and keep plays alive.  He tallied eight goals and 12 points this past weekend.


Walker Boyd, Team Philadelphia Orange

Walker showed excellent offensive instincts all weekend long. This was highlighted in a game against the New Jersey Stars, scoring four goals and an assist.


Jack Newton, Hollydell Hurricanes White

Jack showed off his offensive instincts in his first year as a squirt. He used his hockey IQ and skill to score his first goal as a squirt!


Carter Herring, Royals Hockey Club National White

Carter proved he is to be considered with the top players in this division this weekend. He controlled the play and scored his share of goals (nine to be exact). His tenacity and hands allowed him to consistently push the play into the offensive zone.


Vincent Pagano, Grundy Senators

Vincent loves hyping the team on the ice and high-fiving the opposing team also when they do well. He is a great team player with great offensive skills, highlighting this with his first-ever hat-trick.


Brian Delfin, Grundy Senators

Brian brings energy every game and loves hyping his team up to take the ice. He recorded three points this weekend and showed off some clutch scoring ability, netting the game-winning shootout goal in a win against Jersey Shore.





Gabriel Acevado, Brick Hockey Club White

Gabriel was an anchor for Brick’s defense this past weekend. Not only did he play solid 2-way defense while showing a knack for his natural skating ability, he also scored the game-winning goal in Brick’s shootout victory Saturday afternoon.


Avery Jones, Tomorrow’s North Stars White

Avery not only contributed with an assist this weekend but took on a massive leadership role for the team. Tasked with helping inexperienced players adjust, he took on the role with flying colors and helped them tidy up their game. He made sure they knew to shake it off when mistakes were made and showed great sportsmanship throughout.


Seth McDonald, Royals Hockey Club National White

Seth is a well-rounded hockey player. His speed and athleticism helped him shut down the opposing teams on defense.  Seth used his vision and his hands to charge up the ice, surprising the other teams, to score in spectacular fashion. These skills were reflected in the eight goals and eleven points he totaled.


Brody Kassa, Jersey Shore Wildcats Red

Brody was a force in front of the net, using his size and stick skills to clear the crease. He showed he can contribute offensively as well with a goal and assist on the weekend.


Elek Lukas, Tomorrow’s North Stars White

Elek played every position this past weekend, showing off his athletic ability in each one. When he played defense, he showed great skills to force the opposition out of the offensive zone while holding strong on the blue line and allowing no goals against.





Peter Gaffney, Team Philadelphia Orange

Peter shined in between the pipes for Team Philadelphia. He earned star of the game honors for his shutout win this past Saturday against the Hollydell Hurricanes, staying poised and focused throughout the game.


Julia Sammarco, Brick Hockey Club White

Julia registered a shut-out in her first game as a Squirt and made many key saves over the weekend. She shows natural athletic ability in her side-to-side movements and battles for every loose puck. She plays her angles well and rarely leaves a rebound.


Tomas Ancinec, Tomorrow’s North Stars White

Tomas showed how clutch he could be in goal this past weekend, shutting down breakaways in key moments of the game. He turned aside 22 shots in two games.


Carter Bryson, Grundy Senators

Carter maintained a positive attitude throughout the weekend and showed off in between the pipes as well, recording 85 saves! He also made three big saves in the shootout to help his team secure a win over Jersey Shore.


Braydon Heister, Hollydell Hurricanes Black
The captain of the Hurricanes Black squad, Heister scored three goals in four games, helping Hollydell to two wins. Heister accounted for almost half his team’s goals in the showcase.  

Scott Scranton, Team Philadelphia
With six goals and 10 points, Scranton led the way for the undefeated Team Philadelphia. Scranton’s speed helped not only create offensively, but also cause havoc on the backcheck defensively to rattle the opposition. 

Savannah Bossom, Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black
With constant energy throughout the weekend, Bossom brought plenty of life to the Maryland game. Bossom was strong in the faceoff dot, while also chipping in an assist during the showcase. 

Kim Belko, Grundy Senators
Thanks to Belko’s size and strength on the puck, he was able to help headman the Senators in the transition game up the ice. His speed also helped coming back, as he was able to provide solid backchecking throughout the weekend.

Rick Purich, Hollydell Hurricanes Black
While he may not have ended up on the scoresheet, the intangibles that Purich had through the weekend showed how much of a team player he was. With a number of block shots and strong board play, Purich brought a worker’s mentality to Hollydell. 

Tyler Bickel, Team Philadelphia
Bickel causes plenty of disruption in front of the net with his big screens and second-chances on rebounds. With five assists, Bickel was able to help in the team success for the undefeated Team Philadelphia squad. 

Parker Guest, Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black
With four goals in the showcase, Guest was able to show off his very heavy shot. One highlight was Guest scoring the game-tying goal with 14 seconds left to push that game into overtime. 

Paul Allan, Hollydell Hurricanes Black
Speed was the strong point in Allan’s game, allowing him to create separation between himself and the opposition. With a key goal late in the fourth game, Allan helped Hollydell get within one as they rounded out their weekend. 

Jaydan Shavney, Team Philadelphia
Starting the showcase with a hat trick, Shavney was relentless all weekend long. Finishing with a better than point-per-game stat line, Shavney helped the strong Team Philadelphia offense to four wins on the weekend.

Tommy Osborne, Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black 
Osborne displayed plenty of hockey IQ and solid intangibles throughout the weekend. With his solid vision of the ice, he was able to lead Maryland with three assists, while also winning 70% of his faceoffs on the weekend. 


Aiden Fitzgerald, Hollydell Hurricanes Black
Playing solid in his own end, Fitzgerald got in front of plenty of pucks this weekend, helping his goaltender out on perimeter shots. Fitzgerald also was able to create some offense with plenty of shots from the point. 

Blake Barton, Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black
By forcing a number of turnovers, Barton helped keep the puck away from the netminders this weekend. Not only did Barton’s first pass out of the zone help transition the play, but Barton added a goal and some assists on the weekend. 

Troy Hamilton, Grundy Senators
A classic stay-at-home defenseman, Hamilton was rarely out of position in his own end and handled odd-man rushes with ease. A physical presence on the puck, Hamilton constantly made smart decision when he had the puck on his stick.

Brody Finnegan, Team Philadelphia
Finnegan had five assists on the weekend, but his biggest contribution didn’t show itself on the scoresheet. The ability to maintain the offensive zone by keeping the puck onside was able to create plenty of chances for Team Philadelphia. 

Max Grotheer, Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black
Leading the team in goals and points, Grotheer was a very vocal leader over the weekend. His speed was able to create plenty of scoring chances for Maryland in the showcase.  

Team Defense, Team Philadelphia 
The quintet of Finnegan, Aydan MeyerOwen ParkerChristian Pacan, and Sean Tobin kept the opposition far to the outside, allowing only 35 shots on the entire weekend. Not to mention, each of the defenders had at least two points in the showcase. 


Charlie Baselice, Hollydell Hurricanes Black
Baselice finished the weekend with 2.50 goals-against average while registering a shutout in the second game of the weekend. Baselice’s key saves helped turn the momentum for the Hurricanes throughout the weekend.

Brody Santora, Grundy Senators
Santora used his unorthodox style to confuse shooters over the weekend. He made the shooter commit to their first move before reacting to that action, making every save look a little different each time.



Tristan MacCormick, Ashburn Xtreme

Tristan led all U13 AA skaters in goals (6), assists (6), and points (12). He used his elite offensive instincts to great scoring chances for his team.


Patryk Oszer, Grundy Senators

Patryk tied for second in total scoring amongst U13 AA skaters with seven points on the weekend. He was smart with the puck and made the right plays when needed.


Max Godshall, Team Philadelphia

Max was a goal-a-game player this past weekend, scoring four times in as many games. He also showed off his passing ability as well, totaling three assists.


Ethan Hong, Ashburn Xtreme

Ethan finished with the second most goals amongst U13 AA skaters with five. He used his offensive skills to get to where he needed to be to score.


Peyton Murphy, North Jersey Avalanche

Peyton lead his team in scoring with four goals and five points in just three games. His two goals and assist against the Rockets Hockey Club helped power the Aves to a 6-1 win.





Christopher Marshall, Grundy Senators

Not only can Christopher play defense, but he can also put up offensive numbers too! His five points in three games this past weekend were the most amongst defensemen in the U13 AA division.


Lucas Gonzalez, Grundy Senators

Lucas put up a point-per-game in his three contests this weekend, displaying his talents at both ends of the ice.


Aiden Chun, North Jersey Avalanche

Aden’s two goals were the second most goals scored amongst defensemen for the U13 AA division. He played well at both ends of the ice and showcased his athleticism.


Ronan Ivins, Tomorrow’s Ice Selects

Ronan played strong for Tomorrow’s Ice Selects this past weekend. He recorded two points in four games and displayed skill and awareness on both ends of the ice.


Mathew Hemenway, North Jersey Aspen Kings

Mathew was an anchor on defense for the Kings this past weekend. He played strong in the defensive zone and got an assist in a 6-1 win over Tomorrow’s Ice Selects.





Declan Geary, Team Philadelphia

Declan faced the most shots (71) of any goalie who played multiple games in U13 AA. Despite the large workload, Declan found a way to make 67 saves and go 2-0 on the weekend with a shutout.


Carson Ramsey, Ashburn Xtreme

Carson went 2-0 on the weekend and only allowed one goal on 32 shots. His save percentage (.970) and goals-against average (0.50) were the best amongst U13 AA goalies who played multiple games.


Ryan Felenstien, North Jersey Avalanche

Ryan was strong in between the pipes for the Aves this weekend, recording a shutout win and a .910 save percentage.


Ian Seitz, Atlantic City Sharks

Ian displayed excellent skills and athleticism this past weekend for the Sharks. He was a crucial part of the Sharks’ 3-2 win over Team Philadelphia, making 21 saves.


Lucas Egan, New Jersey Bandits,

Lucas showed poise and skill for the Bandits this past weekend. He made 18 saves against the North Jersey Aspen Kings Black in a 5-3 Bandits win.

MYHA Blue vs. Grundy Senators

This match-up highlights the top two teams in the U18 AA division. MYHA Blue currently leads U18 AA with a record of 5-1-0 and a league-best +27 goal differential. Forward TJ Kouba leads U18 AA in point scoring with 15 points in just six games. Goalie Sebastien Blanc leads the way in the net with a 3-0-0 record. He has only allowed two goals in those three games. The Grundy Senators are second in U18 AA with a 5-3-0 record. Michael McVey’s 11 points, the Senators are tied with the North Jersey Avalanche for the highest goal total in the league with 38. This will be the first meeting between these two teams. It will take place Saturday, September 25th at 6:50 PM ET.

North Jersey Avalanche vs. Delaware Ducks

The Avalanche enter this weekend’s showcase tied with the Senators for the highest-scoring team in the league with 38 total goals. The Ave’s 5-5-0 record is good enough for third in U18 AA. Led by forwards Jack Flatley and Danny Mauriber (both with 13 points), the Aves look to use a strong offensive attack to slow down the Delaware Ducks. The Ducks (3-3-0) are on a two-game win streak and are led by forward Nicholas Lawson and his nine points. This will also be the first meeting between these two teams. The game will be played on Saturday, September 25th at 9:30 AM ET.

Philadelphia Blazers vs. Ashburn Xtreme

The Blazers enter the showcase with a perfect 4-0-0 record and have outscored its opponents 28-3. They have received excellent goaltending performances from Anthony Perti and Colin McKey who both have save percentages over .930 while scoring at least six or more goals in three of its four games. The Ashburn Xtreme are 3-1-0 and have scored 30 goals in that span. Led by Andrew Kurowski and his 13 points (good enough for second in U18 AA), they look to avenge its loss to the Blazers back in August by a score of 3-1. The game will take place Saturday, September 25th at 5:10 PM ET.


Devin Valeri, Hollydell Hurricanes Gold
A big presence in front, Valeri has been a top producer for the Hurricanes so far this season. A threat in the blue paint, Valeri causes plenty of havoc in front and gets rewarded for taking the abuse in front of the net. 

James Smack, Maryland Jr. Black Bears White
With 16 goals in five AHF games, it’s safe to say that Smack has plenty of offensive upside to his game. A natural in scoring, Smack has hat-tricks in four of his five games played for the Jr. Black Bears. 

Nicholas Calandra, Jersey Shore Wildcats Red
In only eight games, Calandra has posted 21 goals for Jersey Shore; far eclipsing his 12 goals in 18 games last season in U16 A. While he did have better than a point-per-game last season in U16 A, Calandra has used that season as a huge jumping off point heading into this season. 

Aidan Rozell, Brick Hockey Club
In only nine games, Rozell has matched his output from last season in U16 A with six goals and 13 points in half as many games last year. With a solid showing in the August Showcase, Rozell is looking to take control on the bigger stage once again. 

Ryan Jarvie, Atlantic City Sharks
In his first year with Atlantic City, Jarvie has made quite an impression with 10 points in his first six games. Jarvie has great vision of the ice and solid decision making when it comes to handling the puck. 

Patrick Shearn, Grundy Senators
With a balanced attack, Shearn provides a dual threat in the offense for the Senators. While he does have a solid goal scoring touch, his ability to dish the puck to his teammates around him keeps the defense guessing on what he’ll do when he has the puck. 

Ethan Bui, Hollydell Hurricanes Gold
While he might not be the biggest on the team, Bui’s heart and speed make up for that. A vicious back-checker, Bui won’t back down from the competition and will give as good as he gets. Many feel that he’s one of the top defensive forwards in the division. 


Tony Brandl, Jersey Shore Wildcats Black
Brandl leads his squad with 10 goals this season, which is a huge feat for the blue-liner. A solid puck moving defenseman, Brandl not only adds offense; but he makes sure to be as responsible in his own end to help out his goalies. 

Tyler Peterson, North Jersey Aspen Kings Grey
A solid puck-moving defenseman, Peterson leads all defenders across the division with eight assists on the season so far. The right-handed shot defenseman has solid vision of the ice in order to find his teammates for prime scoring chances. 

Gavin Nace, Hollydell Hurricanes White
Even though he’s one of the more undersized defenders, Nace has put up a 2.25 points-per-game mark in AHF play this season. You’d never know that Nace is in his first season of U16 A hockey, but uses his solid skating talent to close any gap there may have been coming into the year. 


Cody Arnold and Lucas Vellequette, New Jersey Jets
Arnold and Vellequette sport the lowest goals-against in the division with only two goals against given up between the two. Arnold has three shutouts on the season and Vellequette has one in a combined 255 minutes of AHF game time. 

Owen El-Attar, Delaware Ducks
Having only let up three goals in four games, El-Attar has been solid for Delaware this season. With a 0.75 GAA and .950 save percentage, El-Attar has been one of the top goalies in the division. 

Shane Brannick, Atlantic City Sharks
Brannick has played over 300 minutes this season and has a 2.17 GAA and .910 save percentage. In his six games this season, Brannick has only allowed more than one goal twice on the season. 

Grundy Senators vs. North Jersey Aspen Kings Grey, September 24th, 6:50 PM
This game is a rematch of an epic at the opening showcase, which saw an eight-round shootout end with Grundy coming out on top. The Senators are coming in hot with a five-game winning streak in AHF and top scorer Evan Eisler having eight points (5g, 3a) in his last four games. North Jersey matches that with Nick Falco in the line-up, who has 13 points (10g, 3a) in seven games this season. These teams are separated by only two points in the AHF U16 A Gold standings. 

Jersey Shore Wildcats Black vs. Delaware Ducks, September 24th, 7:15 PM
One of the highest scoring teams in the division will take on one of the toughest defenses in the division. Six players from Jersey Shore have five or more goals on the season: Tony Brandl (10), Nicholas Fanizza (9), Jason Sassano (9), Michael Rivelli (5), Matthew Doherty (5), and Daniel Daluise (5). For Delaware, only Paul Cisar (7) and Kevin Christensen (5) have over five goals; they have limited teams to only 13.4 shots-per-game in their five games this season. 

St. James (Showcase) vs. York Devils, September 25th, 11:20 AM
Two teams at the middle of the table for the U16 A Silver have plenty to play for to crack the top-four on the division. St. James as a Showcase-only squad has plenty to prove in a shorter time. Both Ian Martin (2g, 3a) and Colin Regan (3g, 1a) have done well upfront for the offense with Bennett Mullin (3g) and Marcus Rector (3a) providing support on the backend. Rylan Schneider has been a star for York with 14 goals in seven games, while he has plenty of support from Colin Chapman (2g, 6a) and Gavin Smith (3g, 3a). 



John Scavetta, North Jersey Skyland Kings Navy

John is a big, strong two-way player who possesses great skating abilities and a deadly shot. He is very competitive and can play both offense and defense. John leads his team with six points in six games.


Trevor Smith, Delaware Ducks

Trevor has a high motor and great skating abilities. He is strong along the boards and is a great leader on the ice. Trevor is currently tied for the team lead in goals with six on the season.


TJ Kouba, MYHA Blue

TJ leads one of the top offenses in U18 AA with a league-leading 15 points in just six games. He possesses great offensive instinct and has a very well-rounded skill set.


Andrew Kurowski, Ashburn Xtreme

Andrew’s 13 points in just four games are not only good enough for the second-highest total in U18 AA but the highest points-per-game average in the league (3.25. points per game). He is a threat every time he touches the puck in the offensive zone.


Brian Kincaid, North Jersey Skyland Kings Navy

Brian has a high hockey IQ and is an excellent decision-maker when he has the puck. He can finish plays and has a strong vision on the ice.





Trent Lofland, Delaware Ducks

Trent is a skilled player with good vision and passing ability.  He is a relentless defender who is very effective in using body position to win many puck battles and never gives up on a play.


Jake King, North Jersey Avalanche

Jake’s 12 points this season is the highest point total among defensemen in 18U AA. He is currently riding a six-game point streak, showing he can be an impact player on both ends of the ice.


William Thyberg, North Jersey Skyland Kings Navy

William is a strong skating defenseman who has a great ability to lead breaks out of his own zone. He has a competitive edge and can produce offensively when his team names him.


Luke Gutman, MYHA Blue

Luke can play great hockey in both the offensive and defensive zone. He has recorded a point in every game he has played this season, totaling four goals and nine points.


Daniel Testa, North Jersey Skyland Kings Navy

Daniel has a very high hockey IQ and excellent passing abilities. Not only is he a great skater, but he can play both offense and defense.





Brian Nelson, Grundy Senators

Brian has been an excellent goaltender for the Senators so far this season. He has a .920 save percentage through his first four games and has made over 30 saves in a game on two occasions.


Derek Baradgie, Grundy Senators

The other half of the Senators goaltending tandem, Derek has won three of his first four games this season and is riding a two-game win streak. He has great instincts and vision on the ice that helps him succeed.


Jimmy Rorro, North Jersey Skyland Kings Navy

Jimmy has strong angles and a competitive edge. He has great rebound control and battles for all pucks while keeping his team in the game.


Joseph Giarratano, Long Island Rebels

Joseph has been lights out so far this season, turning aside 43 of the 45 shots he has faced. He recorded a 19 save shutout in his first start of the season and has shown he has a great on-ice vision to help his team win.


Keegan Ford, Igloo Jaguars Green

Keegan has great reaction time and has helped keep his team in every game. He has turned aside over 25 shots in every start he has this season.

Nadav Emenecker, Igloo Jaguars
Emenecker just needed three games to hit double-digits in points. With nine goals and six assists on the weekend, Emenecker helped the Jaguars to a solid three-win weekend in their first slate of games in the AHF. 

Anthony Kulp, Team Philadelphia Orange
With four multi-points games, Kulp made his presence known at the Showcase with six goals and five assists in four games. With his balanced attack and knowing when to shoot and when to pass, Kulp helped the Orange Team Philadelphia to a perfect weekend. 

Logan Doyle, Grundy Senators
With seven points in four games, Doyle was a key part in the Senators’ undefeated weekend. Scoring four goals on Friday to set the tone, Doyle finished with six goals and an assist during the Showcase. 

Jason Sassano, Jersey Shore Wildcats Black
In only three games, Sassano was able to pot three goals and register eight points for the Wildcats during the Showcase. His stickhandling ability and vision to set-up his teammates helped the Wildcats take two of three on the weekend. 

Nicholas Denadai, Team Philadelphia White
Denadai had six goals in only four games for Team Philadelphia and led the way during their three win weekend. Denadai didn’t hold back when it came to the shooting aspect of the game, while also registering a hat-trick on Sunday’s morning match-up. 

Sean Stevenson, Team Philadelphia Black
While he registered five points (1g, 4a) in his last two games of the Showcase, Stevenson helped lead the Philadelphia defense to a defensive showcase. Stevenson and the rest of Team Philadelphia’s defense held the opposition to two goals in four games and only 52 shots on goals in all four games (13 shots against per game). 

Jake Chromcik, North Jersey Bandits
With four goals and five points in this Showcase, Chromcik stood out offensively– and not just from his 6’2 frame. The left-handed shot defender not only was stellar with the puck, but was able to use his size to keep the opposition to the outside and limiting key chances against the Bandits. 

Aidan Holycross, St. James (Showcase)
In two games of action, Holycross faced 47 total shots and only let two behind him. With a GAA of 1.00 and a save percentage of .957, Holycross helped St. James with two of their three wins of the Showcase. 

Shane Brannick, Atlantic City Sharks
Brannick faced plenty of pucks this weekend, stopping 112 of 118 shots in just over three games this weekend with a stat line of 1.80 GAA and a .949 save percentage. Helping the Sharks to three wins on the weekend, Brannick also assisted on the game-winning goal in the team’s last game of the Showcase.