Nicholas Lawson Delaware Ducks

-Lawson is a smooth-skating forward with excellent hands and goal-scoring ability. His deceptive skating and great technical ability make him a handful for defenders when passing or shooting the puck.

Vincenzo Varriale Delaware Ducks

-”Cenzo” as he is referred to by his teammates is a two-way forward who always seems to produce in the most important moments. He is a natural leader both on, and off the ice and is a vital cog in the Delaware Ducks machine.

Zachary Duca Delaware Ducks

-Duca’s most outstanding attributes include his passing ability, hockey IQ, and his defensive awareness in his own zone, especially when killing penalties. 

Danny Mauriber New Jersey Avalanche 

-Mauriber plays a vital role for the Avalanche as the center on the top line. His natural scoring ability makes him one of the first names on the opposition’s scouting report.

Luke Hulbert New Jersey Avalanche

-Blistering speed is the first thing that comes to attention when watching Hulbert play, pair that with his laser beam of a wrist shot and you’ve got enough to keep defenders and goalies up at night.

Jack Flatley New Jersey Avalanche

-Every team needs an outstanding physical presence and for the Avalanche Jack Flatley is the man who brings that to the table. His hockey sense and passing also help to ensure his presence is felt every time he is on the ice.

Matthew Doherty New Jersey Avalanche

-Staples of Matthew Doherty’s game include his elite-level shooting ability, as well as his fantastic ice vision and hockey sense.


Bryan Janocha Delaware Ducks

-Janocha is the complete package on the blueline, his size and strength are a great asset to his defensive game, while his hard shot and passing make him a threat offensively. His outstanding hockey IQ makes it even more difficult for attacking players to create chances against him. 

Jake King New Jersey Avalanche

– Defensive defensemen are often the unsung heroes of a team, in Jake King’s case, however, his booming shot from the point gives onlookers something to get excited about.

Luke Botti New Jersey Avalanche

-Botti is an outstanding skater who uses that ability on both sides of the puck, His passing ability makes him an especially dangerous threat in special teams scenarios


-Nicholas Giuliano Delaware Ducks

– Rebound control is key to any goalie but Giuliano’s rebound control is potentially his strongest attribute. His smaller frame also helps him to move around the crease more efficiently and get from post to post in the blink of an eye.