Lucas Barnes, Capital City Vipers

Lucas is an up-and-coming two-way player who can play both center and wing. He has great stickhandling ability that he will look to use to make plays this weekend.

Dylan Paranich, Igloo Jaguars Black

Dylan is a smooth skater who looks to use his abilities to score some dazzling goals. He has great edge work that helps him thrive on the ice.

Austin Shaw, North Jersey Avalanche Blue

Austin is a center that thrives in the faceoff circle. He has great speed and uses it to put the puck in the back of the net.

Brody Grill, York Devils

Brody is a forward who uses his speed to burn his opponents. He has a great goal-scoring sense he hopes to use this weekend.

Layton Becker, York Devils

Layton is a fast skating forward who uses his speed to create opportunities. He has a great hockey sense that helps his team score.

Liam Burns, Igloo Jaguars Black

Liam has great awareness on the ice to always get himself open for scoring chances. Liam also does a good job of getting back on defense to help out when needed.


Justice Kuba, Capital City Vipers

Justice is an offensive defenseman that has the ability to not only play defense but forward as well. He has great ice vision and is capable of leading a breakout.

Caiden Orth, Igloo Jaguars Black

Caiden is a defenseman with the ability to be able to use his speed to his advantage. When he’s out on the ice he is very difficult to get by.

Wyatt Rehal, North Jersey Avalanche Blue

Wyatt is another speedy defenseman who can lead his team in a rush up the ice. He is excellent at being able to get back on defense and isn’t afraid to get physical.

Byron Schultz, Capital City Vipers

Byron is a defensive defenseman who uses his size well and is strong on the puck. This is in addition to the heavy shot he possesses.

Lain Thomas, North Jersey Avalanche Blue

Lain is a physical defenseman who can pass the puck well. He has a great sense for the game which helps him shut down opponents in his own zone.


Aiden Dupuy, Igloo Jaguars Black

Aidan is a goalie who isn’t afraid of standing tall to the big shot. He has an excellent glove hand which makes him tough to score against.

Ella Long, Capital City Vipers

Ella is a goalie who possesses a great lateral movement ability. Ella has great technique in between the pipes, but can also skate out as a player when need be.

Cullen Widener, York Devils

Cullen is tough to beat in between the pipes for the Devils. He has quick reactions and can also use that speed to skate out when needed.

Ethan Stremmel, York Devils

Ethan is yet another goalie who has the ability to skate out when needed. Not only that, but he has a great sense of the game and a high hockey IQ.