Ryan DeMatteo, Royals Hockey Club
With a gift of a pure goal-scorer, DeMatteo is one of the threats for the Royals Hockey Club. His deadly shot and outstanding stick-handling draws plenty of attention from the opposition. 

Mason Hitt, Delaware Ducks
A speedy center, Hitt is elusive up the middle thanks to his stickhandling ability. Even with the good hands, Hitt has a big shot that he can get off his blade quickly.

Shane Redden, Royals Hockey Club
Likened to a matador, Redden is crafty enough to evade defenders with lightning quick speed. His hockey IQ allows him to see the game as if it were in slow motion and gives him the perfect chance to get in prime scoring areas. 

Connor Davis, Delaware Ducks
Creation is a big part to Davis’ game, using his vision and stickhandling to get the puck to open areas. A smart player, Davis sees the ice very well and can make solid decisions under pressure.

Nate Nemchinov, Royals Hockey Club
A strong, tenacious player, Nemchinov is described as one of the toughest in the division. A fire inside drives Nemchinov to get to the puck by any means. 

Anthony McGonigle, Delaware Ducks
McGonigle is a three-zone player who is as solid on the defensive side as he is offensively. His speed and vision makes him hard to ignore from the opposition.

Joey Mullen, Royals Hockey Club
With a quick release on his shot, it’s hard to get a stick in front of Mullen’s attempts on net. With a nose fo the net, Mullen always find a way to get to in prime real estate to create scoring opportunities. 


Ben Holdsworth, Delaware Ducks
Not afraid to play physical, Holdsworth size is a big factor in his game play. Even with the physical side, Holdsworth has a heavy shot from the back-end to help create on the offensive side of the ice.


Ian Goldberg, Royals Hockey Club
Known to his team as “The Accountant,” Goldberg is a sound and confident netminder. His solid position gives shooters little room to put it past him. 

Trey Prozzillo, Royals Hockey Club
Prozzillo seems to have gotten a clutch gene, as he is a big game goalie. His quick reflexes, especially on the glove side, can leave shooters looking at the ceiling in dismay.


Marcel Camper – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Royals head coach Barney Weber described Camper as the “ultimate team player.” Accompanying his team-first mindset is a type of physical play that is a force to be reckoned with.

Riley Capecci – Holydell Hurricanes White (Gold)

– Capecci can skate circles around nearly any defender and is skilled in every aspect of the game. He’s expected to have his name all over the score sheet, and he has done so thus far, notching two goals and four points over two games.

Alvin Grubb – Team Philadelphia White (Silver)

– An incredible playmaker, Grubb has the ability to read the game with ease and create the best chances possible for his team. This ability has shown on the scoresheet, tallying two assists in his first game.

Adam Iles – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– Iles’s playmaking ability is among the best in the age group. He has great puck handling and a superb passing talent, along with above average finishing ability.

Flint Kodak – Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black (Silver)

A power forward with a strong, accurate shot, Kodak is a tough force to contain in the Jr. Black Bears offensive attack. Willing to get physical to win puck battles, he can cause problems all over the ice.

Michael Rago – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Having a high hockey IQ can take you a long way and that is exactly what Rago possesses. His intelligence is often displayed in his timely passes.

Gareth Schoeffler – Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black (Silver)

A headsy centerman, Schoeffler never gives up on a play and does all he can to keep attacks alive. Always aware of where the best play is, he can use his strength and skill to execute to perfection.

Kyle Sigwart – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver) 

– Sigwart’s sense for the net and shooting talent is something that instantly catches the eye. He possesses the speed to break away from the defense and also has the physicality to serve as a power forward.

Chase Strange – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Along with an elite scoring touch, Strange can easily slip by defenders with high level speed and elusiveness. Chase also plays with a gritty style that can fluster opponents.

Andrew Way – Holydell Hurricanes White (Gold)

– Captain of the Hurricanes, Way’s leadership and poise shows that his potential doesn’t just rest in his skill on the ice. Of course, having passing talent as good as Andrew’s certainly helps.

Ian Weber – Atlantic City Sharks (Gold)

– With great physical size for his position, Weber has the puck on a string whenever it is in his possession. Along with his good hands is an electric shot.

Russell Weber – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Using his explosive skating, Weber can create his own opportunities by laying the body on his opponents. He can also finish those opportunities with a supreme scoring touch.

Joe Duemmer, New Jersey Bandits (Silver)

– Strong two-way forward who works hard on both sides of the puck. Has a strong shot, has good hands, and makes good accurate passes. 


John Cherubini – Royals Hockey Club 2 (Silver)

– Fast and physical are the best words to describe Cherubini. With his quick skating and hard-nosed playing style, he is quick to provide support in any part of the ice.

Aiden Donnelly – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– Donnelly is a threatening presence all over the ice. He can shut down attacks with textbook poke checks while he can break down defenses with a wicked slapshot.

Grant Galvin – North Jersey Avalanche (Gold)

– A fleet-of-foot blue liner that can help in creating an attack from a defensive stop, Galvin is expected to be near the top of the Avalanche in assists. He has a decent start in that category, having an assist through two games.

Ethan Ives – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– Ives is a big, physical defenseman that isn’t afraid to throw his body around to win battles for the puck. He also utilizes solid puck movement and a powerful wrist shot.

Allen Magie – North Jersey Avalanche (Gold)

– An offensively-gifted defenseman, Magie can send blistering shots from the blue line and has dynamic skating talents that allow him to create open space. The Avalanche can rely on him to generate chances from the blue line.

Ryan Roscoe – Atlantic City Sharks (Gold)

– A playmaking defenseman, Roscoe makes good use of his vision of the ice and physical play to spark offensive attacks for the Sharks. He is also efficient when skating in reverse, rarely getting beat while recovering defensively.

Lukas Stratton – Maryland Jr. Black Bears Black (Silver)

– Stratton is a defenseman that is strong and powerful on his skates. Able to move around the defensive zone with ease, don’t expect many opponents to be left unmarked when Maryland’s vocal leader is on the ice.

Jake Chromcik, New Jersey Bandits (Silver)

– Strong two-way defenseman who excels on both ends of the ice. Contributes as much defensively as he does offensively.  


Kyle Foster – Rockets Hockey Club (Gold)

– One of the best netminders in the age group, Foster serves as an excellent last line of defense. Through two games in the showcase so far, he has saved 31-of-33 shots against in 85 minutes of ice time.

Ricky Gonzalez – Grundy Senators (Gold)

– Don’t try to sneak one by Gonzalez on his stick side, he’ll more than likely have it locked down. Paired with his good size, Ricky will definitely be tough to break through in net.

Ella Hydutsky – Team Philadelphia White (Silver)

– Hydutsky is a quick, agile goalie that can anticipate plays very well. There isn’t a weak spot for opponents to expose, making Ella a dependable presence in goal.


Gerhig Callahan – Atlantic City Sharks (Gold)

– Already 6’5”, 225 pounds at the age of 16, Callahan uses his frame effectively as both a center and a defenseman. In addition to a powerful shot, Callahan is also a great leader.

Trevor Hyman – Tomorrow’s Ice North Stars White (Silver)

– A true 200-foot player, Hyman is both a scoring threat as a forward and a solid defenseman. His offensive skill set stands out the most, as he has both outstanding passing and shooting abilities.



Jack Scott, Brick Hockey Club White

Jack led the Brick Hockey Club over the weekend with 14 goals and 1 assist. He showed poise and great offensive ability, but most importantly, he showed leadership qualities when he volunteered to play defense when the team needed him.


Shane Hicks-Cree, Hollydell Hurricanes White

Shane proved to be excellent in both the offensive and defensive zone. He hustled all weekend and was a cornerstone in the defensive effort, all while scoring two goals as well.


Tyler McDow, Jersey Shore Wildcats Red

Tyler is another forward who proved clutch in the defensive zone while being a forward. He showed patience and hockey IQ to make the plays he needed to make. He also showed off his offensive instincts, scoring a team-high four goals and five points.


Kieran Prozorov, Royals Hockey Club National White

Kieran is a goal scorer through and through. He has a scoring touch and finds himself in position every time.  Smart with the puck, Kieran was able to move the puck to his teammates and keep plays alive.  He tallied eight goals and 12 points this past weekend.


Walker Boyd, Team Philadelphia Orange

Walker showed excellent offensive instincts all weekend long. This was highlighted in a game against the New Jersey Stars, scoring four goals and an assist.


Jack Newton, Hollydell Hurricanes White

Jack showed off his offensive instincts in his first year as a squirt. He used his hockey IQ and skill to score his first goal as a squirt!


Carter Herring, Royals Hockey Club National White

Carter proved he is to be considered with the top players in this division this weekend. He controlled the play and scored his share of goals (nine to be exact). His tenacity and hands allowed him to consistently push the play into the offensive zone.


Vincent Pagano, Grundy Senators

Vincent loves hyping the team on the ice and high-fiving the opposing team also when they do well. He is a great team player with great offensive skills, highlighting this with his first-ever hat-trick.


Brian Delfin, Grundy Senators

Brian brings energy every game and loves hyping his team up to take the ice. He recorded three points this weekend and showed off some clutch scoring ability, netting the game-winning shootout goal in a win against Jersey Shore.





Gabriel Acevado, Brick Hockey Club White

Gabriel was an anchor for Brick’s defense this past weekend. Not only did he play solid 2-way defense while showing a knack for his natural skating ability, he also scored the game-winning goal in Brick’s shootout victory Saturday afternoon.


Avery Jones, Tomorrow’s North Stars White

Avery not only contributed with an assist this weekend but took on a massive leadership role for the team. Tasked with helping inexperienced players adjust, he took on the role with flying colors and helped them tidy up their game. He made sure they knew to shake it off when mistakes were made and showed great sportsmanship throughout.


Seth McDonald, Royals Hockey Club National White

Seth is a well-rounded hockey player. His speed and athleticism helped him shut down the opposing teams on defense.  Seth used his vision and his hands to charge up the ice, surprising the other teams, to score in spectacular fashion. These skills were reflected in the eight goals and eleven points he totaled.


Brody Kassa, Jersey Shore Wildcats Red

Brody was a force in front of the net, using his size and stick skills to clear the crease. He showed he can contribute offensively as well with a goal and assist on the weekend.


Elek Lukas, Tomorrow’s North Stars White

Elek played every position this past weekend, showing off his athletic ability in each one. When he played defense, he showed great skills to force the opposition out of the offensive zone while holding strong on the blue line and allowing no goals against.





Peter Gaffney, Team Philadelphia Orange

Peter shined in between the pipes for Team Philadelphia. He earned star of the game honors for his shutout win this past Saturday against the Hollydell Hurricanes, staying poised and focused throughout the game.


Julia Sammarco, Brick Hockey Club White

Julia registered a shut-out in her first game as a Squirt and made many key saves over the weekend. She shows natural athletic ability in her side-to-side movements and battles for every loose puck. She plays her angles well and rarely leaves a rebound.


Tomas Ancinec, Tomorrow’s North Stars White

Tomas showed how clutch he could be in goal this past weekend, shutting down breakaways in key moments of the game. He turned aside 22 shots in two games.


Carter Bryson, Grundy Senators

Carter maintained a positive attitude throughout the weekend and showed off in between the pipes as well, recording 85 saves! He also made three big saves in the shootout to help his team secure a win over Jersey Shore.


Zac Bulson – MYHA Gold

– Using his ability to read the development of play, Bulson intercepted several passes and turned them into breakaways with his great speed on the puck. This allowed him to pot a team-high five goals, including a hat trick. He also displayed a highly accurate shot by going bar down with ease. A pure offensive talent, defenses must stay alert when he is on the ice, even when they’re on the puck.

Chris Delmonte – North Jersey Aspen Kings Blue

– A two-way forward that utilizes a physical game over all 200 feet of the rink, Delmonte contributed in ways that did and didn’t show up on the score sheet. In terms of scoring, he had three goals on the ledger. What didn’t show up on the sheet was his willingness to get involved in the play, no matter where it was, and his gritty skating style. He was, and will continue to be, critical to the Aspen Kings gameplan.

Ben Russell – MYHA Gold

– Using his big frame in front of the net, Russell successfully cleared room for MYHA to score. In the showcase opener, he netted two goals in the second period by creating space for himself before unleashing a textbook one-timer. He also showed off strong hand-eye coordination, tipping home a deflection goal. The MYHA power forward finished the showcase with three goals and two assists, a very strong showing for him.

Jonah Smith – Royals Hockey Club

– Among the team point leaders with a goal and an assist, Smith was heavily involved with a lot of offensive scoring chances for the Royals. He displayed a high hockey IQ on his goal, teaming up well with his linemate in order to create a quality scoring chance. Should he be able to maintain this chemistry with his linemates, Jonah will be sure to pop in more goals this season.


Chase Unice – North Jersey Aspen Kings Blue

– Unice normally fulfills the role of a stay-at-home defenseman, and that was what he did for a majority of the showcase. He used his large build to snuff out a wide array of attacks. However, he also flashed a rare showcase of offensive talent, as well. He stick handled around a defender and impressively slid a shot by the goalie on their short side. That was hopefully a glimpse into the future and Chase can incorporate more offense like that into his game.


Frederick Horowitz – MYHA Gold

– Backstopping his team to two wins, Horowitz only conceded four goals on 65 shots against him. His .930 save percentage was tied for third among 18U A netminders that played a minimum of 50 minutes. His athletic ability permitted him to stop such a high volume of shots, and will continue to bring him great success down the road.


Michael Bonnani – Royals Hockey Club

– Serving time as both the main line and last line of defense in the showcase, Bonnani hit the ice as a defenseman and a goalie. He saw great success as a shut-down defenseman, blocking nearly 50 shots and shutting down up-ice rushes. For the team’s game on Saturday, he was asked to fill in as a netminder and did so admirably, making 43 saves while borrowing equipment from the rink and using a skater’s stick. His versatility and team-first mindset makes him a highly valuable asset for the Royals.


Cole Gainsley, Royals Hockey Club
Gainsley was able to chalk up nine goals and 13 points through the weekend. His quick, hard shot was on display with his hat trick in the team’s second game against Tomorrow’s Ice. 

Jagger Smith, Royals Hockey Club
Moving from defense to forward, Smith showed his vision of the ice with six assists over the weekend. His puck control and movement created plenty of opportunities for RHC in the showcase. 

Ryan DeMatteo, Royals Hockey Club
With eight points, including five goals, DeMatteo was on full display this weekend. Camping out in the slot, DeMatto went bardown on two of his five goals thanks to his quick release and ability to find space. 


Peter Pereborow, Royals Hockey Club
Pereborow led the defense with three goals from the point on the weekend. In addition, he helped out the defense which only allowed four goals in the entire August showcase by keeping the opposition away from dangerous scoring chances. 

Jaden Young, Royals Hockey Club
With four assists, Young led the way for points for RHC, showing off his vision of the ice from the blue line. Young was also solid in making sure that the opponents didn’t have time or space to set-up in the RHC zone. 


Ian Goldberg, Royal Hockey Club
Allowing only one goal in three appearances, Goldberg was solid between the pipes. Goldberg finished the showcase with a 0.50 goals-against average and .955 save percentage.



Chris London, Royals Hockey Club

Chris is a player that keeps his team together in tight games and always gives 100% on the ice. This work ethic showed as he leads the division in points with 18, 14 of them goals.


Rocco Chaudhury, Maryland Jr. Black Bears

Rocco is a forward that has been described as reliable and consistent. He showed his consistency by scoring at least one goal a game and leading his team with five goals total.


Drew Walker, York Devils

Drew uses his speed and strength to create scoring opportunities. He has a great hockey IQ and used these skills to score eight goals at the showcase.


Cole Zoren, Maryland Jr Black Bears

Cole showcased his offensive instincts and wide skillset this past weekend. Highlighted by a great backhand goal against the Avalanche, Cole recorded three goals and eight points.


Preston Stremmel, York Devils

Preston is a leader on the York Devils that possesses a great hockey IQ and competitive nature. His strength and overall skill led him to success on the ice, scoring three goals and seven points.


Colton Weible, Maryland Jr Black Bears

Colton’s offensive instincts were on display this past weekend. He works hard every shift and he was rewarded with a four-goal, seven-point performance at the showcase. He even recorded a hattrick against the NJ Skylands Kings.


Miles Matyszczak, Royals Hockey Club

Miles is a 2011 player playing with the big kids. He always hustles and is never afraid to mix it up. He plays hard every shift and is one of the most unselfish players who is always looking for the open player to pass to.




Chase Sanchez, Maryland Jr Black Bears

Chase has done a fantastic job of transitioning from playing offense to defense as needed. While he was excellent in the defensive zone, he also had offensive highlights as well such as a hattrick against the NJ Skylands Kings.


Haley Stoneking, York Devils

Haley was tough on the puck all weekend and did a great job of getting herself open and available on the ice. She makes consistent efforts to make an impact on the ice and even recorded an assist on the weekend.


Bella Holben, Maryland Jr. Black Bears

Bella showed off great defensive skills at the showcase, forcing turnovers and tracking down numerous plays to frustrate the opposing offense.





Xavier Prozorov, Royals Hockey Club

Xavier was extremely solid in net this weekend. He is always 100% alert and ready to make those key saves. His save percentage was quite good (.905) and he went 2-0 on the weekend.


Chase Strunk, York Devils

Chase showed off his athleticism this past weekend and proved he is a force in between the pipes. He never gave up or backed down and helped his team to a win over Maryland.

MYHA Blue vs. Rockets Hockey Club

U14 AA’s top team in MYHA Blue takes on the undefeated Rockets Hockey Club in a can’t miss goaltending match-up. MYHA Blue is 8-1-1 and has won four of its last five games. It boasts a lethal offense and a goaltending tandem that has been lights out in Daniel Rosenstock and Mac Glazer, who have combined for three shutouts this season. The Rockets are 5-0-0 and have three shutouts in those five games. Rasmus Bergam and Liam Slattery are the goaltenders for the Rockets and both have over a .935 save percentage and under a 1.00 goals-against average. These two teams face off Saturday, October 23rd at 8:40 PM ET on Grundy Rink B.

New Jersey Jets vs. North Jersey Aspen Kings Blue

A battle of two New Jersey teams both in the top five of the U14 AA standings. The North Jersey Aspen Kings Blue team boasts an 8-0-0 record and the highest-scoring offense in U14 AA with a team total of 71 goals scored while sitting in second place. The Kings have scored eight or more goals in seven of its eight games played and are led offensively by Jase Zangara and his team-leading 33 points. The Jets are 6-2-0 and are fourth in U14 AA. New Jersey is accustomed to winning close games with four of its six victories coming in one-goal games. The team is led offensively by Maximo Rodriguez and his nine points. These two teams face off Friday, October 22nd at 8:00 PM ET at Skylands Ice World Coliseum.

Ashburn Xtreme vs. Royals Hockey Club

The Xtreme enter this showcase with a 6-2-0 record and have recorded shutout wins the past two games. Tyler Rounds has been excellent in net, recording three shutouts this season. The team has been incredible defensively, holding its opponents to three or fewer goals in all six of its wins so far. The Royals enter the showcase 5-0-0 and have the second-best team goal differential with a plus 32. The club has six players with a point per game average or higher and is led by Cole Gainsley and his ten goals. This match-up takes place Saturday, October 23rd at 3:50 PM ET at NESZ Phantoms rink.


Dylan Swon, Rockets Hockey Club
With 11 goals and 20 points in five games Swon has been a huge attribute to the Rockets undefeated AHF play. While Swon has natural scoring ability, he knows when to distribute the puck, leading to a balanced attack out of his game. 

Baptiste Demurge, New Jersey Stars
The power forward of the Stars isn’t afraid to take the puck right to the net. Demurge has been the straw that stirs the drink on the top line, creating time and space for his linemates and headaches for the opposing defense. 

Eli Barnes, Capital City Vipers
Barnes’ 16 goals has led the way for the Vipers, who are in the thick of it in the standings. His quick release and elusive skating makes him hard to stop for the opposition. 

Vinny Sampogna, Suffolk PAL Sound Tigers
With a well-rounded attack, Sampogna has been key to the Sound Tigers offense in their four previous Showcase games. Four goals and seven points in the last August Showcase had his passing and shooting skills on display, not to mention his quick first step. 

Ryker Rieling, St. James
A strong showing by Rieling in August turned a few heads in St. James’ direction. Tallying nine goals and an assist, Riesling showed off his quick release and ability to find the open spaces in only four games of the Showcase. 


Andrew Browing Elam, MYHA Blue
Browning Elam has been solid on the Blue Devils defense corp. While helping in his own end, limiting the opponents to just over two goals-against-per-game, Browning Elam also has contributed offensively with five goals and eight points, including four points in his last four games. 

Christopher Triolo, Hollydell Hurricanes Red
A sturdy defender, Triolo has helped out offensively for Hollydell by contributing four goals and seven points in seven games. With his foot speed, Triolo is someone who can lead the way out of his own end to start the attack for Hollydell. 

Marshall Matyszczak, Royals Hockey Club
While he has helped the Royals limit the opposition to 11 goals in eight games, Matyszczak has found his offensive stride in his last couple AHF contests. In the last two games, Matyszczak has two goals and two assists in the two wins for the Royals. 


Laith Ramadan, New Jersey Stars
Quiet off the ice, Ramadan lets his technical sound play do the talking for him. Excelling at post-to-post play thanks to his butterfly style, Ramadan has an active stick and is not afraid of throwing a pokecheck to break-up a pass or shot. 

Chase Kishler, Igloo Jaguars
Kishler has played a big role in the Jaguars success, posting a 2.05 GAA and .920 save percentage in his seven games. Kishler also has two shutouts to his record, while making crucial saves to keep the Jaguars ahead.

Haverford Hawks vs. Rockets Hockey Club, Saturday October 23rd: In the thick of the playoff hunt, these two squads will face-off in a pivotal game with big implications in the standings. Haverford has found a balanced offensive attack with five players in double-digits in points, led by Daniel DoneganFrankie and Jake Ely are also in that group with both having seven assists on the year, but Frankie having seven goals to Jake’s three. Rockets Hockey Club has a dynamic duo in Dylan Swon and Brendan Whiteley, who have accounted for 47% of the team’s goals. However, every skater on Rockets has a point on the season, showing this team can distribute the puck up and down the roster. 

New Jersey Stars vs. Capital City Vipers, Sunday October 24th: Another match-up between teams within striking distance of each other in the standings, as two points separate the clubs going into the Showcase. New Jersey has plenty of firepower, with Umar EsenovPhilip Revzin, and Ben Blizniak all in double-digits in points. But New Jersey also gets help from their blue line with Eli Broomer tied for the lead in assists with five and Michael Sudia chipping in two goals and two assists on the year. Capital City has two goal-scorers in double-digits with Eli Barnes (16) and Chase Pavlesich (11) at the top of those charts. Geno Doone has played well in net, as he has faced an average of 29 shots a game while collecting five wins on the year. 

MYHA Blue vs. Royals Hockey Club, Sunday October 24th: Two of the top teams in the U12AA division will face off to end their Showcases. Royals are undefeated heading into the Showcase with Chris London and his 26 goals leading the way offensively. Royals also have three other players with at least a point-per-game this season: Roman TkachAlex Korolev, and Miles Matyszczak. In net, Royals boast two goalies in Xavier Prozorov and Matthew Urena, who have sub-1.75 GAA on the campaign. Not to be outdone, MYHA’s squad has four players with five-or-more goals: Alexander Cheves (13), Jacob Resnick (8), Andrew Browning Elam (5), and Grayson Felizzi (5). Browning Elam also leads the defense that has allowed just over two goals-per-game, alongside Colt MeyersAlexander Bazyluk, and Adeline Vederman.



Erik Mitchell – Atlantic City Sharks

The division leader in goals and points, Mitchell has had an offensive explosion to start the season. Through eight games, he has 27 goals and 35 points. This translates to a scoring pace of nearly 4 goals and 4.5 points per game. The shooting talents of Mitchell are remarkable, finding ways to score from any position in the offensive zone. Look for Mitchell and the Sharks to continue their powerful attack.


Leonard Rybakov – New Jersey Stars

Rybakov has displayed his talents as a high-scoring forward throughout this season. On offense, he is averaging 2.5 points per game (16 G, 9 A) through his first 10 games. He scored 5 points (3 G, 2 A) in a 10-6 victory over the Grundy Senators and 4 points (3 G, 1 A) in a 5-4 win over Maryland Jr. Black Bears Red. In the Maryland game, all three of his goals came in the third period, his hat trick goal serving as the game winner.


Grey Yinger – York Devils

A forward with an outstanding shot, Yinger has established his talents by leading his team in scoring. Yinger has 16 goals and 9 assists through 11 games, a good pace for the York player. He has scored two hat tricks this season, one against New Jersey and another against Jersey Shore Wildcats Red, in which he scored four times. In both of these games, his final goal was the game winner. Not only does he score with regularity, but Yinger scores when his team needs it most.





Colton Dreyfus – Royals Hockey Club National

A goal per game coming from the blue line is an excellent commodity to have, and this is exactly what the Royals have in Dreyfus. He has scored 7 goals and 4 assists in seven games this season. His offensive talents were on display right from the start, as he scored 4 goals and added an assist in the season opener vs. Jersey Shore. He is currently on a 5-game point streak and will look to extend it this weekend.


Luca Guarna – Jersey Shore Wildcats Black

A two-way defenseman gifted with a powerful shot, Guarna is the glue at the back for this Wildcats team.  Through six games this season, Guarna has 11 goals and 5 assists, so he is scoring at a rate of nearly 2 goals per game. In addition to his great offensive talents, he has also shown his skill in his own half of the ice, locking down attackers and helping Jersey Shore to become one of the division’s more defensively sound teams.





Johnny Gillin – Haverford Hawks White

An athletically gifted net minder, Gillin leads the division in several goalie categories. Over six games this season, he leads the way in GAA (0.50) and SV% (.956). He only has one official shutout, but has been in net to contribute to flawless defensive efforts three times. His best performance came in an 18-save shutout against New Jersey Bandits National, but he will look to surpass it this weekend.


Riley McIntosh – Igloo Jaguars

The Jaguar’s saving grace in the crease, McIntosh has been stellar through five games this season. In those five games, she has posted a GAA of 2.30 and SV% of .910. Standing only 4’6”, 64 lbs, Riley has to rely on pure athleticism to make stops in goal. She has done so with great success and will hope to continue to backstop the Jaguars towards the top of the league.