Gavin Ehret, Hollydell Hurricanes
Ehret has a knack for scoring goals; having multiple goal outings last season. With solid positioning away from the puck, crisp passing, and speed in his game Erhet is a four-tool threat for the Hurricanes. 

Colin Mullin, Royals Hockey Club American
In only his second year of hockey, Mullin has taken to the game very quickly. With a leadership ability and always cheering on his teammates, Mullin leads by example with his hard work and dedication to the game. Mullin is a multi-sport athlete, as he also plays baseball, basketball, and floor hockey. 

Trey Frederico, Igloo Jaguars
With top offnensive skill, Frederico is projected to be a big part of the Jaguars’ offense this season. Solid quickness and a good shot makes Frederico a threat every game.

Alex Gasparon, Hollydell Hurricanes
A well-versed passer, Gasparon can use his speed to get open and dish the puck to his teammates. Gasparon is also very sound positionally, as well as having a little grit to round out his game.

Connor Faulkenstien, Igloo Jaguars
With his keen sight on the ice, Faulkenstein is able to find his teammates in prime scoring areas. A shifty forward, Faulkenstein is able to evade the defense and create opportunities.

Chase Tomasso, Hollydell Hurricanes
Tomasso is a speedy forward who possesses a solid shot. Another tenacious forward for Hollydell, Tomasso is able to get to the puck quickly and create chances for his squad.


Charles Kapusniak, Hollydell Hurricanes
Another multi-threat player for Hollydell, Kapusniak has a great shot to compliment his speed and vision of the ice. While he may be an offensive threat, he also compliments his play on the defensive end by being in positioning and transitioning his style away from the puck. 

Alexander Saletnik, Royals Hockey Club American
Thanks to his speed skating backward, Saletnik is able to keep the play in front of him in his own zone. A big key to his game is not only battling for pucks on the boards, but also making sure to clear the crease for his goalie after a save. A gamer on the ice and on the console, Saletnik enjoys being around his teammates and making the game fun. Saletnik also overcomes adversity, as he is deaf, but he hasn’t let that hinder his solid play for the Royals.

Ben O’Connor, Igloo Hurricanes
With plenty of offensive talent, O’Connor is a dual threat in the defenseman role. On top of that, O’Connor’s size and smooth skating compliments his play away from the puck.

Olivia Ash, Hollydell Hurricanes
With great vision on the ice, Ash is able to quickly transition the play up the ice for offensive chances. On top of that, Ash’s positioning and poise allows for protection in the defensive zone 


Tyler Cockerham, Igloo Jaguars
Cockerham possesses a solid positional game in the crease. His biggest attribute, however, is a quick glove hand that is able to stonewall the opposition.

Emleyn Costello, Hollydell Hurricanes
While there’s plenty of support in front, Costello is able to help as the last line of defense. Learning each game, Costello’s tenacity in net compliments the other well-rounded parts of this Hollydell team. 

Riley McIntosh, Igloo Jaguars
Quick and aggressive are key words to describe McIntosh’s game. Another positionally sound goalie for the Jaguars, McIntosh can steal a game when called upon.