TJ Brower, Brick Hockey Club
As a leader on and off the ice, Brower is able to see the ice very well from the center position. Strong in the faceoff dot, Brower make sures to keep his own defensive end clean, while also make sure all his shots on goal count. 

Spencer Applebaum, Jersey Shore Wildcats White
Strong on the puck, Applebaum makes it hard for defenders to knock him off it. With a high compete level, Applebaum can use his speed and heavy shot to create plenty of off ense for Jersey Shore. 

Connor Blewett, Philadelphia Blazers
An energy player, Blewett competes every shift with a workman like mentality. A gritty player, Blewett brings plenty of heart to the Blazers’ roster. 

Thomas Carbone, Jersey Shore Wildcats White
A solid skater, Carbone compliments his skating with strong stickhandling and a decent shot. Strength on the puck makes it hard for Carbone to get knocked off possession. 

Michael Nelson, North Jersey Aspen Kings
Recognized as a top team player, Nelson is no stranger to mucking it up in the corners to get the puck out for the Aspen Kings. Nelson is also unselfish, often tallying more assists than goals by the end of the season. 

Maciej Blon, Philadelphia Blazers
With a strong shot and solid hands, Blon serves as a playmaker for the Blazers. Keen off ensive awareness helps Blon be a solid contributor for this squad. 

Connor Simonson, Brick Hockey Club
With a nose for the puck, Simonson is wherever a coach needs him to be. A well-balanced player with size, speed, and strength; Simonson creates havoc for opponents through all 200-feet of the rink.

Jude Large, Philadelphia Blazers
Large possesses solid speed through the rink, while also contributing a little grit. A heads-up passer, Large’s vision of the ice allows him to kick-start the off ense. 

Brady Acropolis, Brick Hockey Club
With solid vision of the ice, Acropolis is able to know when to distribute the puck and when to take it himself. One of the bigger offensive threats for Brick, Acropolis makes defenders think before they overcommit to the pass or the shot. 

Peter Psaras, North Jersey Aspen Kings
Even with cracking jokes in the locker room, Psaras’ goal scoring ability is no laughing matter. With a natural scoring touch and solid stick-handling ability, Psaras shows his a performer both on and off the ice. 

Brandon Clayton, Jersey Shore Wildcats Black
Clayton uses his speed and elusiveness to get past the opposing defense. The respect he gets with his speed allows more time for plays to open up for his teammates. 

Shiva Kuttikat, North Jersey Aspen Kings
As a multi-positional player, Kuttikat has displayed a solid two-way game as a forward. A blue collar attitude shows that Kuttikat can be called upon in any situation on the ice. 


Matthew Fritz, Philadelphia Blazers
Size and physicality is the calling card for Fritz’s play. If muscle in his own end isn’t enough, Fritz’s hard, heavy shot from the point helps the depth of the Blazers off ense. 

Niko Stulic, Jersey Shore Wildcats White
With great vision in his end, Stulic is able to start the offensive side of the game for the Wildcats. With superb skating ability, he is able to read the game well and make adjustments on the fly. 

Kyle Rabkin, Jersey Shore Wildcats Black
Rabkin is a steady two-way defenseman who knows when to jump up in the play and when to respect the opponent and play sound defense. Strong on both sides of the puck, Rabkin helps anchor the Wildcats defensive corps. 

Kyle Smith, Philadelphia Blazers
A sneaky, heavy snap shot allows Smith to jump up in the play from the blue line. Coupled with his smooth skating, Smith can get it done at both ends of the rink.

Max Larson, Brick Hockey Club
Having led his prior teams in many offensive categories in years past, Larson’s smooth skating and ability to read places on both sides of the ice. Able to retrieve pucks in his own end, Larson is quick to transition to play for offensive chances for Brick. 

Giovanni Tritto, Jersey Shore Wildcats Black
With solid playmaking ability, Tritto helps start the offense for the WIldcats Black squad. With a solid vision on the ice, he’s able to jump up on offensive, while having the sense enough to get back on the defensive end of things. 


Gianna Raggio, Philadelphia Blazers
Raggio brings top notch awareness in the crease for the Blazers. While Raggio is positionally sound, she can also use quick reactions to stymy the opposition. 

Thomas McGrath and DJ Swierk, Brick Hockey Club
A dual threat in net, McGrath and Swierk are both able to steal games whenever called upon. The duo are able to play off each other very well, able pick one another up when needed, and prove to be a big strength to the Brick lineup. 

Jayden Ellis, Jersey Shore Wildcats Black
Ellis is a cornerstone on this Wildcats squad, making sure that they’re able to stay in games with his stops in the crease. With support from his defense, Ellis is able to see shots clearly, allowing him to position properly.

Adam Yacuk and Merrick Ferierra, North Jersey Aspen Kings
Another strong duo of goalie in this division, as Yacuk and Ferierra prove to be a big backbone of the Aspen Kings side. Unselfish with their game, both display the dedication to each other to help the success of the team.