Ryan DeMatteo, Royals Hockey Club
With a gift of a pure goal-scorer, DeMatteo is one of the threats for the Royals Hockey Club. His deadly shot and outstanding stick-handling draws plenty of attention from the opposition. 

Mason Hitt, Delaware Ducks
A speedy center, Hitt is elusive up the middle thanks to his stickhandling ability. Even with the good hands, Hitt has a big shot that he can get off his blade quickly.

Shane Redden, Royals Hockey Club
Likened to a matador, Redden is crafty enough to evade defenders with lightning quick speed. His hockey IQ allows him to see the game as if it were in slow motion and gives him the perfect chance to get in prime scoring areas. 

Connor Davis, Delaware Ducks
Creation is a big part to Davis’ game, using his vision and stickhandling to get the puck to open areas. A smart player, Davis sees the ice very well and can make solid decisions under pressure.

Nate Nemchinov, Royals Hockey Club
A strong, tenacious player, Nemchinov is described as one of the toughest in the division. A fire inside drives Nemchinov to get to the puck by any means. 

Anthony McGonigle, Delaware Ducks
McGonigle is a three-zone player who is as solid on the defensive side as he is offensively. His speed and vision makes him hard to ignore from the opposition.

Joey Mullen, Royals Hockey Club
With a quick release on his shot, it’s hard to get a stick in front of Mullen’s attempts on net. With a nose fo the net, Mullen always find a way to get to in prime real estate to create scoring opportunities. 


Ben Holdsworth, Delaware Ducks
Not afraid to play physical, Holdsworth size is a big factor in his game play. Even with the physical side, Holdsworth has a heavy shot from the back-end to help create on the offensive side of the ice.


Ian Goldberg, Royals Hockey Club
Known to his team as “The Accountant,” Goldberg is a sound and confident netminder. His solid position gives shooters little room to put it past him. 

Trey Prozzillo, Royals Hockey Club
Prozzillo seems to have gotten a clutch gene, as he is a big game goalie. His quick reflexes, especially on the glove side, can leave shooters looking at the ceiling in dismay.