Grundy Senators vs. North Jersey Aspen Kings Grey, September 24th, 6:50 PM
This game is a rematch of an epic at the opening showcase, which saw an eight-round shootout end with Grundy coming out on top. The Senators are coming in hot with a five-game winning streak in AHF and top scorer Evan Eisler having eight points (5g, 3a) in his last four games. North Jersey matches that with Nick Falco in the line-up, who has 13 points (10g, 3a) in seven games this season. These teams are separated by only two points in the AHF U16 A Gold standings. 

Jersey Shore Wildcats Black vs. Delaware Ducks, September 24th, 7:15 PM
One of the highest scoring teams in the division will take on one of the toughest defenses in the division. Six players from Jersey Shore have five or more goals on the season: Tony Brandl (10), Nicholas Fanizza (9), Jason Sassano (9), Michael Rivelli (5), Matthew Doherty (5), and Daniel Daluise (5). For Delaware, only Paul Cisar (7) and Kevin Christensen (5) have over five goals; they have limited teams to only 13.4 shots-per-game in their five games this season. 

St. James (Showcase) vs. York Devils, September 25th, 11:20 AM
Two teams at the middle of the table for the U16 A Silver have plenty to play for to crack the top-four on the division. St. James as a Showcase-only squad has plenty to prove in a shorter time. Both Ian Martin (2g, 3a) and Colin Regan (3g, 1a) have done well upfront for the offense with Bennett Mullin (3g) and Marcus Rector (3a) providing support on the backend. Rylan Schneider has been a star for York with 14 goals in seven games, while he has plenty of support from Colin Chapman (2g, 6a) and Gavin Smith (3g, 3a).