Here are your Atlantic Hockey Federation Players of the Week and Peak Performer ending November 12th, 2023. This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

9U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Chris Harrington

  • Team: Delaware Ducks
  • Player’s Name: Landon Milby
  • Jersey Number: 85
  • Position: Defense
  • Landon netted a natural hat trick in game 1 this weekend along with 1 assist to contribute to a full team win. Landon leads by example with his hustle and grit which he demonstrates every shift. Landon is very coachable and quickly incorporates feedback into his game. Keep up the hard work Landon!

10U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Anthony Gifoli

  • Team: Royals
  • Player’s Name: William Simon
  • Jersey Number: 97
  • Position: Forward
  • William made his return this weekend after a week out with an injury. He returned to his normal form quickly being a team player, pursuing loose pucks and being an excellent passer. William was also great in his defensive zone being an integral part of our breakout and defensive zone assignments. He finished the weekend with 6 points (2 goals and 4 assists) and in his view the most important stat 2 teams wins.

10U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Bryan Shrouds

  • Team: Delaware Ducks
  • Player’s Name: Jayden Cobb
  • Jersey Number: 23
  • Position: Goalie
  • Jayden played a great game Saturday against a high powered AHF team, holding them to half their usual goals per game. He made key saves and was able to control rebounds to give his team the opportunity to regroup. He followed up his clutch performance on Sunday (non-league game) giving up only 1 goal on 31 shots! Way to go Jayden!!

10U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Mark Jenkins

  • Team: Wissahickon Warriors
  • Player’s Name: Andrew Conlon
  • Jersey Number: 6
  • Position: Forward
  • Andrew had an outstanding weekend helping his team to 2 wins. First were 2 assist in a 7-0 win over Valley Forge followed up by a stellar performance on Sunday against Team Philadelphia where he notched an assist and 2 goals including a thrilling OT winner. Andrew was instrumental in helping his team come back from a 2 goal deficit to start the 3rd period with his great defensive play, dominance in the face off circle and clutch goal scoring.

11U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Joseph Rizzo

  • Team: NY Arrows
  • Player’s Name: Oliver Sheriff
  • Jersey Number: 51
  • Position: Forward
  • Oliver has been a leader in our group all season. His hustle, hockey IQ and scoring touch has helped our team’s success week after week. Proud of Ollie!

12U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Jonathan Jones

  • Team: North Jersey Avalanche
  • Player’s Name: Austin Shaw
  • Jersey Number: 88
  • Position: Forward
  • Austin scored 5 goals and added an assist in two very big games for his team. He played offense and some defense, and just competed his heart out. Great effort Austin!

12U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: John C. Snyder

  • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms Youth
  • Player’s Name: Blake Flowers
  • Jersey Number: 30
  • Position: Forward
  • Blake stepped up as our team was short-handed this weekend. Skated as one of two centers, really got into the games and gave it his all. Cognizant of where to be and how to set up plays in order to get us and keep us on the scoreboard.

12U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Jason Bracco

  • Team: Mercer Chiefs
  • Player’s Name: Luca Shoaf Kozak
  • Jersey Number: 18
  • Position: Center
  • Luca powered her line and the Chiefs Red team with two outstanding performances tallying 5 goals and an assist in AHF league play this weekend. Over both games, she led her linemates who collectively notched 9 out of a total 11 goals scored in both team wins against two very tough opponents in the NJ Colts and Jersey Shore Wildcats. In her first season with the Chiefs, she has fit right in with her team mates and organization. The Chiefs are excited to see what the rest of the season holds in store for Luca.

13U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Mark Krull

  • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
  • Player’s Name: Braydon Weiler
  • Jersey Number: 10
  • Position: Forward
  • Bray had a big weekend helping our team to 3 wins with key goals and timely assists including setting up the game winner at the end of OT. Great job Bray!

14U AA Division: Nominating Coach: John Fields

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Cole Hellman
  • Jersey Number: 63
  • Position: Defense
  • Cole made the move defense this week and played tremendously. He kept his opponents to the outside all game, won races to the puck in his corners, played physically and moved the puck with intelligence and purpose. It was his best game of the year.

14U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Anthony Minerva

  • Team: Rockets Hockey Club
  • Player’s Name: Andrew Klein
  • Jersey Number: 22
  • Position: Forward
  • Andrew had a great and and furthermore a couple fantastic goals! I have been telling the boys to bear down, be stronger on their sticks and shoot HARD. Andrew had snipe where he ripped it from the top of the circle and went bar down! Great job of being strong and leaning into your shot. Keep up the good buddy!

14U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Salvatore Capone

  • Team: Hollydell Hurricanes
  • Player’s Name: Dominic Hall
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Forward
  • Dominic Hall had 4 Goals and 3 assists, in a 2-0 weekend for the hurricanes

15U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Anthony Iannone

  • Team: North Jersey Kings
  • Player’s Name: Dominic Landolfi
  • Jersey Number: 78
  • Position: Center
  • “In 2 games this weekend, Dominic had 6 points total, highlighted by a game winning OT goal.”

16U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Eric Wolf

  • Team: Team Philadelphia
  • Player’s Name: Aleks Kepiro
  • Jersey Number: 91
  • Position: Forward
  • Aleks had a great weekend with a combined 4 goals and 1 assist in our teams two victories.

16U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Dylan DellaVecchio

  • Team: Grundy Senators
  • Player’s Name: Brendan Milliken
  • Jersey Number: 14
  • Position: Defense
  • Brendan has been a force on the blue line all season locking down opposing offenses, while creating some offensive production of his own, scoring the first goal in a huge 3-2 ot win this weekend!

16U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Ian Michaelchuck

  • Team: Igloo Jaguars
  • Player’s Name: Brendan Ventresca
  • Jersey Number: 11
  • Position: Forward
  • Brendan scored the GWG and had 2 goals in his 1st game. 2nd game he was a solid 2-way player and had an assist. He has been our most consistent forward all year.

18U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Gaetan Juliano

  • Team: Haverford Hawks
  • Player’s Name: Christian Mackey
  • Jersey Number: 70
  • Position: Goalie
  • Mackey was a wall in a tight 1-0 game against the Igloo Jags this past weekend, stopping all 47 shots faced in what was his best game of the season! Mackey sports a 2.22 GAA and .914 Save % on the season.

18U A Division: Nominating Coach: Nicholas Gutekunst

  • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms Youth
  • Player’s Name: Ian Brouse
  • Jersey Number: 90
  • Position: Forward
  • Ian had an outstanding weekend. He played a huge part in our win Saturday, and an even bigger part in our tie Sunday. Ian kicked off the come back down 5-3 with his 2nd of the game to bring us within 1. He then helped tie the game 6-6 late on the Power Play, earning his spot as our teams player of the week.

8U AAA Division: Nominating Coach: Oktay Armagan

  • Team: Jersey Shore Wildcats
  • Player’s Name: Chris Bartels
  • Jersey Number: 8
  • Position: Forward
  • Chris had an explosive offensive game but also did a great job coming back and saved 4 GA

8U Beginner Division: Nominating Coach: Oktay Armagan

  • Team: Jersey Shore Wildcats
  • Player’s Name: Avery Cerminaro
  • Jersey Number: 31
  • Position: Goalie
  • Even though we lost the game Avery was stellar in net. She helped our team in so many ways.

8U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Peter Jaeckle

  • Team: Rockets Hockey Club
  • Player’s Name: Matthew Wan
  • Jersey Number: 23
  • Position: Forward
  • Matthew led the team to a 6-5 win on Saturday with 2 goals and 1 assist. He also contributed with his puck hounding forecheck and relentless backcheck.

8U Intermediate Division: Nominating Coach: Kevin Hunter

  • Team: York Devils
  • Player’s Name: Delaney Stough
  • Jersey Number: 25
  • Position: Defense
  • Delaney is a defensive minded player and played consistent defense throughout the Hershey tournament this weekend. She broke up too many plays to count, made lots of passes and is always a team player with a great attitude.

All players nominated by a coach receive an Honorable Mention

Cameron KincelWBS Jr knights9UAA14Defense
Joseph TuozzoloLong Island Rebels10UAA87Forward
Jake NackRoyals10UAA93Forward
Chris GutierrezNorth Jersey Avalanche10UAA4Forward
Sawyer ArrasTeam Philadelphia10UAA46Defense
Liam McClintonWissahickon Warriors10ULemieux79Goalie
Braxton YoderWissahickon Warriors10ULemieux6Goalie
Kolton KlosePalmyra Black Knights10ULemieux47Forward
Matthew DobrowolskiMercer Chiefs10ULemieux13Forward
Giovanni CiupinskiDelaware Ducks10ULemieux13Wing
Sean mcgonigalValley Forge Colonials10ULemieux18Forward
Lukas Vander VeurHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid84Goalie
Austin CooperIgloo Jaguars10UMcDavid77Defense
Nathan HennesseyHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid3Defense
Brayden SmithValley Forge Colonials10UMcDavid14Defense
William SoleauRoyals10UMcDavid27Goalie
Cameron PennellDelaware Ducks10UMcDavid17Forward
Zac MichaelRoyals11UAA23Center
Mason KubachValley Forge Colonials11UAA73Goalie
Rebecca HendersonNY Arrows11UAA48Defense
Lucas GrafTeam Philadelphia12UAA22Goalie
Kayden YoundtPalmyra Black Knights12UAA3Forward
Jeremy WinklerRoyals12UAA12Defense
Steven BarbarinoMercer Chiefs12UAA16Forward
Wolfgang WelfingFrederick Freeze12ULemieux18Forward
Joseph GrinshpunRockets Hockey Club12ULemieux63Defense
Daniel JonesWissahickon Warriors12UGretzky8Forward
Paulie RohannaHollydell Hurricanes12UMcDavid95Defense
Paulie RohannaHollydell Hurricanes12UMcDavid95Defense
Malcolm CzyzGrundy Senators12UMcDavid2Defense
Lyoto BraunPalmyra Black Knights12UMcDavid81Forward
Jordan KnuthPAL Silver Knights12UMcDavid23Forward
Maxwell PageDelaware Ducks12UMcDavid36Center
Logan SpringuelValley Forge Colonials12UMcDavid15Forward
Evan BarronValley Forge Colonials13UAA55Forward
Tyler ZrebiecNorth Jersey Avalanche14ULemieux2Forward
Seamus BoesenhoferGrundy Senator14ULemieux29Center
Corinne BurkeFrederick Freeze14ULemieux14Forward
Jude HughesPAL Silver Knights14ULemieux43Forward
Quinn jonesIgloo Jaguars14ULemieux16Defense
Mason SeboldMYHA14UGretzky67Goalie
Colton VanickyWBS Knights14UGretzky96Forward
Aydin BrookhartLehigh Valley Phantoms Youth14UMcDavid16Forward
Ryan WalshTri-City Eagles16UAA43Defense
Michael NicolucciWissahickon Warriors16UAA11Goalie
Kevin O’SheaWBS Knights16UAA22Defense
Owen SenenigPalmyra Black Knights16UAA81Forward
Logan CraftHollydell Hurricanes16ULemieux15Goalie
Kadyn WongValley Forge Colonials16UGretzky21Forward
Bobby CondonPennsauken Pilots8UAAA16Goalie
Nicky TomaselloHollydell Hurricanes9UAA8Defense