Here are your Atlantic Hockey Federation Players of the Week and Peak Performer ending December 10th, 2023. This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

9U AA Division: Nominating Coach: John Comstock

  • Team: Hollydell Hurricanes
  • Player’s Name: Elijah Bowers
  • Jersey Number: 4
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Elijah played a solid game this weekend, scoring 1 goal and 2 assists. His constant hustle was contagious and set the tone for the rest of his team.

10U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Kelly Dolan

  • Team: North Jersey Kings
  • Player’s Name: Nico Gimigliano
  • Jersey Number: 86
  • Position: Center
  • Quote: Nico had another very strong weekend playing hard on both ends of the ice. His ability to carry and move the puck to his teammates has led to great offensive opportunities, which tallied him 5 points in a hard-fought weekend.

10U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Maddie Reynolds

  • Team: Jersey Shore Wildcats
  • Player’s Name: David Hernandez III
  • Jersey Number: 88
  • Position: Wing
  • Quote: David continually impresses us with both his on-ice and off-ice capabilities. On ice, his hard work and never-give-up attitude paid off this weekend with his second hat trick. On the bench, his smile never fades, and he continually supports every member on his team.

11U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Joe Rizzo

  • Team: NY Arrows
  • Player’s Name: Logan Paccione
  • Jersey Number: 22
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: From the moment this kid shows up to the rink, he’s locked in. Logan is one of our hardest workers both on and off the ice. He sets the tone during our pre-game warmup stretch by never taking a rep off. On the ice, the kid is a machine.

12U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Frank Inzano

  • Team: Mercer Chiefs
  • Player’s Name: Steven Barbarino
  • Jersey Number: 16
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Steven had a great weekend against two tough teams. He worked well with his teammates, which ultimately led to his two goals and his team’s 5-4 victory.

12U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Anthony Minerva

  • Team: Rockets
  • Player’s Name: Grayson Anguilar
  • Jersey Number: 39
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Despite our loss, Grayson had a fantastic game and showed me that if you work hard and truly love the game of hockey, the sky’s the limit.

12U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Paul Rohanna

  • Team: Hollydell Hurricanes
  • Player’s Name: Shane Hicks-Cree
  • Jersey Number: 97
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Shane Hicks-Cree demonstrated leadership, playmaking ability, and goal scoring in his 4 goal, 1 assist game.

13U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Ed Wefelmeyer

  • Team: Tri City Eagles
  • Player’s Name: Colin Fitzpatrick
  • Jersey Number: 52
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Had a natural Hatrick in the 1st period that got the team going for a 6-2 win.

14U AA Division: Nominating Coach: John Fields

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Gabe Luo
  • Jersey Number: 68
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Gabe is really focusing on improving his offensive game, moving through pucks, maintaining possession, and getting to soft areas. It paid off this weekend with a power play goal.

14U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Anthony Minerva

  • Team: Rockets
  • Player’s Name: Giovanni Sosa
  • Jersey Number: 49
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Gio had a great game. Was positive the whole game, skated hard, made great plays, and had himself a couple of goals to show his hard work could pay off.

14U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Warren Scott Monks

  • Team: TI North Stars Red
  • Player’s Name: Nate Meissner
  • Jersey Number: 34
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Nate battled hard this weekend to help his team secure a tie after going down by 2 goals late in his team’s only game against a top-ranked opponent.

15U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Chris Sharamatew

  • Team: Philadelphia Blazers
  • Player’s Name: Jonathan Dilliplane
  • Jersey Number: 1
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: Jonathan had an awesome game for us this weekend, a game that went into OT. It was Jonathan’s gutsy performance in goal that helped us win the game with some fantastic saves, GREAT JOB Jonathan keep it going.

16U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Peter Muehlbronner

  • Team: Wissahickon Warriors
  • Player’s Name: JP McGill, Jr.
  • Jersey Number: 7
  • Position: Defense
  • Quote: JP is the type of player that can put the team on his back and lead the way. Wearing the “C” is appropriate for this young man as he always puts the team first and is an exceptional example of grit and determination. Scoring two and assisting on one, JP contributed to a great team effort this weekend.

16U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Louis Greco

  • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms
  • Player’s Name: Blake Yeager
  • Jersey Number: 00
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: 1st game back from a concussion and returned with a stellar effort stopping 28 of 29 shots for the win!

16U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Robert Cacchiola

  • Team: Mercer Chiefs
  • Player’s Name: Chase Lynch
  • Jersey Number: 14
  • Position: Wing
  • Quote: Chase showed incredible determination and drive, constantly pushing himself and his line to produce consistent scoring opportunities this weekend.

18U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Collin Stough

  • Team: York Devils
  • Player’s Name: Colby Barley
  • Jersey Number: 29
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: Colby has been tremendous for us since coming back from injury. He bounced back after letting in a flukey goal early in the game. He kept us in the lead down the stretch and earned a 2-1 win!

18U A Division: Nominating Coach: Steve York

  • Team: Grundy Senators
  • Player’s Name: Jake Seiler
  • Jersey Number: 23
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Works his tail off, never takes a shift off.

8U AAA Division: Nominating Coach: Derek Kern

  • Team: LI Monarchs
  • Player’s Name: Dominic Fusco
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Forward

8U Beginner Division: Nominating Coach: Oktay Armagan

  • Team: Jersey Shore Wildcats
  • Player’s Name: Ben Block
  • Jersey Number: 11
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: Ben started the game as a player, and our goalie got hurt and immediately filled in as goalie and was outstanding.

All players nominated by a coach receive an Honorable Mention

Nash DondarskiDelaware Ducks9UAA93Wing
Nico SpeicherWBS Jr knights9UAA13Defense
Tyler McCartyHaverford Hawks10ULemieux18Forward
Mack SiegelWissahickon Warriors10ULemieux19Forward
Jacoby WallsValley Forge Colonials10ULemieux71Forward
Ryan PlattHollydell Hurricanes10ULemieux51Defense
Bridget RittingerHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid13Defense
Jackson BrooksDelaware Ducks10UMcDavid92Goalie
Wyatt WeigandValley Forge Colonials10UMcDavid13Forward
Ryker CadotteSouthern Maryland Sabres10UMcDavid11Defense
Trey ChristyHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid90Defense
Shane JohnsonValley Forge Colonials11UAA48Forward
Ryan WurtzelqNY Arrows11UAA14Center
Blake FlowersLehigh Valley Phantoms12ULemieux22Center
Gus MalcolmLehigh Valley Phantoms12UMcDavid3Center
Xander DoddDelaware Ducks12UMcDavid64Defense
Joe HenionWBS Jr knights16UAA#88Forward
Joseph BilottaValley Forge Colonials16UGretzky29Forward