Here are your Atlantic Hockey Federation Players of the Week and Peak Performer ending January 21st, 2024. This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

9U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Jason Ingraham

  • Team: WBS Jr Knights
  • Player’s Name: Anthony Cherkauskas
  • Jersey Number: 87
  • Position: Center
  • AJ had a great weekend. AJ scoring four goals this weekend and getting a hat-trick. He played very competitive and strong all weekend. Great job AJ. Keep up the good work.

10U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Al Lewis

  • Team: Hollydell Hurricanes
  • Player’s Name: Carson Lieb
  • Jersey Number: 66
  • Position: Forward
  • Carson had a monster game, tallying four points and three of our seven goals this weekend. His creative puck handling and persistence really paid dividends. Keep up the great work, Big Dog!

10U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Bryan Shrouds

  • Team: Delaware Ducks
  • Player’s Name: Landon Rivell
  • Jersey Number: 14
  • Position: Forward
  • Landon was a huge factor in our games this weekend. Landon showed great vision as he found open teammates, setting them up for goal-scoring opportunities, and he hustled all weekend to back check in the defensive zone. On top of his hustle, Landon led the way in scoring, netting a goal/assist on Saturday, followed up with a hat trick/assist against one of the top teams in the division on Sunday. Landon’s contribution was the key to a successful weekend. Way to go Landon!!

10U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Chris Horan

  • Team: Royals
  • Player’s Name: Brody Freedman
  • Jersey Number: 77
  • Position: Defense
  • Brody gets the nod this week for notching his first goal of the season. Congratulations Brody!

11U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Parker Faix

  • Team: PHA Icemen
  • Player’s Name: Graham Knickelbein
  • Jersey Number: 29
  • Position: Forward
  • Graham set the scoresheet on fire this weekend scoring 3 goals and 1 assist in 2 games. Graham’s ability to get to the net mixed with his poise with the puck led to his successful weekend. His best goal came on a breakaway after blocking a shot, where he skated the length of the ice before making a beautiful move on the goalie. Great work, Graham!

12U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Eric Kraus

  • Team: Haverford Hawks
  • Player’s Name: Christopher Dicrecchio
  • Jersey Number: 5
  • Position: Defense
  • Christopher helped lead the Haverford Hawks to two victories this past Sunday with his play at both ends of the ice. He contributed to 5 of the nine goals scored (4 goals and 1 assist) and played shutdown defense throughout both games. Christopher is a fantastic leader on and off the ice for the Hawks and never takes a shift off. He has a unique ability to quickly turn a strong defensive play into a great scoring chance for his team.

12U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: John C. Snyder

  • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms Youth
  • Player’s Name: Blake Benner
  • Jersey Number: 29
  • Position: Goalie
  • Blake ignored the scoreboard and other obstacles and focused on the puck and players in the game. He had some great saves and made a difference for his team hanging in the games this weekend.

12U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Bryce McGuire

  • Team: Frederick Freeze
  • Player’s Name: Ben Page
  • Jersey Number: 90
  • Position: Forward
  • A true 200ft player. Ben has proven to be a team player dishing passes to teammates and scoring big goals when his team needs it.

12U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: John Fields

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Lucas DiGregorio
  • Jersey Number: 67
  • Position: Forward
  • Lucas had a big goal in our tie against a top team in our division and got two more the next day in our win. He is really getting to the net, anticipating the play and battling for loose pucks.

14U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Tom Natoli

  • Team: North Jersey Avalanche
  • Player’s Name: Noah Hilliard
  • Jersey Number: 9
  • Position: Forward
  • Hilliard had a great weekend on and off the puck and was a key part of a 2-0 AHF weekend for the Avs. On Saturday, he scored the game-winning goal and added an assist in a 4-1 win vs. PAL Blue Knights. On Sunday, he found the back of the net once again in a 4-2 road win vs. Rye Rangers.

14U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Joe

  • Team: Skylands Kings
  • Player’s Name: James Boyce
  • Jersey Number: 33
  • Position: Goalie
  • James played amazing Saturday for his team keeping them in the game and giving them the chance to come back and earn a 4-4 tie on Saturday night.

14U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Brian Ruel

  • Team: MYHA
  • Player’s Name: Steven Mah
  • Jersey Number: 86
  • Position: Defense
  • Steven played very well at the International Silver Stick tournament in Michigan against some top-notch competition. He assisted on all 3 goals scored in the tournament.

14U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Warren Scott Monks

  • Team: TI North Stars Red
  • Player’s Name: Michael Marcinkiewicz
  • Jersey Number: 6
  • Position: Defense
  • Michael was instrumental on defense this weekend in two critical matches. He posted a positive plus/minus rating which helped the team clinch wins in the team’s final two AHF games.

16U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Peter Muehlbronner

  • Team: Wissahickon Warriors
  • Player’s Name: William Forman
  • Jersey Number: 53
  • Position: Forward
  • After overcoming a hip injury and missing a significant number of games, William has battled back and is now tied for total points on our team. However, he’s not the kind of player who is worried about statistics. Instead, he is quietly contributing to the team’s success, especially as of late. It’s been said that good players have a way of slowing the game down – William is such a player. Calm and cool with the puck, seeing the ice and creating opportunities, working with his teammates and when the opportunity presents itself – He can finish.

16U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Joe Pizzino

  • Team: Team Philadelphia
  • Player’s Name: Jayden Shavney
  • Jersey Number: 18
  • Position: Forward
  • Jayden is our captain, he always works hard and led our team to a win in a tough game.

16U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Swede Farling

  • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
  • Player’s Name: Matthew Polinski
  • Jersey Number: 71
  • Position: Defense
  • Played poised, aggressive D all weekend. Was +2, while adding a Goal and Assist.

8U AAA Division: Nominating Coach: Oktay Armagan

  • Team: Jersey Shore Americans
  • Player’s Name: Joey Baughman
  • Jersey Number: 93
  • Position: Forward
  • Joey had an incredible weekend playing forward when he normally plays defense.

8U Beginner Division: Nominating Coach: Jeff Koss

  • Team: Delaware Ducks
  • Player’s Name: Olivia Koss
  • Jersey Number: 99
  • Position: Forward
  • Olivia had a breakthrough weekend! Her tenacity on the ice caught up with her skating fundamentals, and she was a force to be reckoned with. This aggressive play became contagious for the team, as well as the cheering from the bench between shifts.

All players nominated by a coach receive an Honorable Mention

Jacob DerrDelaware Ducks9UAA95Forward
Nash DoucetteJersey Shore Wildcats10UAA19Wing
Henry KoppWissahickon Warriors10ULemieux60Defense
Alex LangleyPalmyra Black Knights10ULemieux14Forward
Patrick MortonHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid30Forward
Carson FordValley Forge Colonials10UMcDavid23Goalie
Jules SchaefferValley Forge Colonials10UMcDavid62Defense
Freddie DiBonaHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid24Forward
Gareth MeyerTeam Philadelphia12UAA1Goalie
Max BoniBandits12UAA22Defense
Steven BarbarinoMercer Chiefs12UAA16Forward
Brody LindelowHaverford Hawks12ULemieux10Forward
Braxton HallmanPalmyra Black Knights12ULemieux29Forward
Easton RicordsPalmyra Black Knights12UGretzky37Defense
Ryan LeapHollydell Hurricanes12UMcDavid2Defense
Jackson CorbitDelaware Ducks12UMcDavid55Forward
Aiden RafanelloGrundy Senators14ULemieux36Defense
Harrison ErvinValley Forge Colonials14ULemieux71Defense
Eddie CorbinPAL Silver Knights14ULemieux63Forward
Travis MartinPAL14ULemieux29Goalie
Devon GoughSouthern Maryland Sabres16ULemieux33Defense