Here are your Atlantic Hockey Federation Players of the Week and Peak Performer ending January 28th, 2024. This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

  • 9U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Jason Ingraham
    • Team: WBS Jr Knights
    • Player’s Name: Nicholas Brody Hill
    • Jersey Number: 41
    • Position: Defense
    • Quote: “Brody is a defensive player and scored 2 goals for the team this weekend. Way to go Brody, keep up the good work!”
  • 10U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Mike Dinmore
    • Team: Haverford Hawks
    • Player’s Name: Carter McGibney
    • Jersey Number: 12
    • Position: Defense
    • Quote: “Carter scored his first two goals of the season on Saturday and played strong defense.”
  • 10U Lemieux Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Justin Kullman
    • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
    • Player’s Name: Killian Maher & Jaxon Fricchione
    • Jersey Number: 57 & 96
    • Position: Goalie
    • Quote: “In a combined effort, our two goalies didn’t allow a goal all weekend! They protected the net with a strong presence.”
  • 10U Gretzky Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Garrick Bartlett
    • Team: MD Junior Black Bears
    • Player’s Name: Briggs Rzepkowski
    • Jersey Number: 92
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Briggs led his team to victory in a hard-fought 6-5 game, recording a hat trick and an assist.”
  • 10U McDavid Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Carmine Taffo
    • Team: New Jersey Rockets
    • Player’s Name: Emmett Abbondante
    • Jersey Number: 99
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Emmett had a great game as he led his team with a 7-point performance and at the same time, reached a milestone of 40 points on the season. Keep up the good work, Emmett!”
  • 11U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Tom Fagan
    • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
    • Player’s Name: Bode Mchale
    • Jersey Number: 39
    • Position: Wing
    • Quote: “Bode helped his team win a tough game against a strong opponent with 2 goals in a 3-2 win in the second game of our weekend.”
  • 12U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Eric Kraus
    • Team: Haverford Hawks
    • Player’s Name: Chase McClintic
    • Jersey Number: 3
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Chase helped lead the Hawks to victory on Sunday by scoring his 30th and 31st goals of the season, while also notching 3 assists…”
  • 12U Lemieux Division:
    • Nominating Coach: John C. Snyder
    • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms
    • Player’s Name: Every Player
    • Jersey Number: Every Number
    • Position: Goalie
    • Quote: “I simply cannot nominate one player from our squad as we played as a team. Every player was cognizant of what they were facing and the challenges of this particular game…”
  • 12U McDavid Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Tom Holdinsky
    • Team: Delaware Ducks
    • Player’s Name: Blake Marconi
    • Jersey Number: 99
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Blake embodied what it meant to ‘Play Duck Hockey.’ He hustled, never quit and when we needed it most made a great pass to set up a huge goal early in the third period helping propel us to a win.”
  • 14U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Tom Natoli
    • Team: North Jersey Avalanche
    • Player’s Name: Ryan Kovacs
    • Jersey Number: 18
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Kovacs was dynamic offensively tallying 4 goals and 1 assist on the weekend and was a true force on the defensive side of the puck…”
  • 14U Lemieux Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Brent Reitz
    • Team: MYHA
    • Player’s Name: Harry Brown
    • Jersey Number: 18
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Harry has been a top scorer for us all year. He has scored key goals at key times. He is a leader on and off the ice and is always trying to motivate the team in a positive way…”
  • 14U McDavid Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Warren Scott Monks
    • Team: TI North Stars Red
    • Player’s Name: Jackson Truhlar
    • Jersey Number: 64
    • Position: Defense
    • Quote: “Jack played solidly in two back-to-back games this Sunday. He scored a goal and had an assist to help the team secure two wins.”
  • 15U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Joe Jaskot
    • Team: York Devils
    • Player’s Name: Kameron Long
    • Jersey Number: 14
    • Position: Goalie
    • Quote: “Kam had a huge shutout and a lot of grade A chance saves against a very good Blazers team.”
  • 16U AA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Brian Shanahan
    • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
    • Player’s Name: Hudson Shanahan
    • Jersey Number: 88
    • Position: Defense
    • Quote: “In the past 2 games, our team has given up 10 GA, however, Hudson has been a brick wall for our defense…”
  • 16U Lemieux Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Ben Ansuini
    • Team: Hollydell Hurricanes
    • Player’s Name: Kyler Watson
    • Jersey Number: 39
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Kyler had a great weekend and came in clutch on our game against Grundy. He works hard and is very persistent. His persistency paid off as he scored the game-winning goal with 1:20 seconds left in the 3rd.”
  • 18U A Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Frank Blust
    • Team: Wissahickon Warriors
    • Player’s Name: Liam Marshall
    • Jersey Number: 33
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Liam scored 2 and 2 in a big win on Saturday, but he really shined on Sunday in a back-and-forth game with a strong Valley Forge team. Liam scored 3 goals and added an assist to help us to a 7-6 win.”
  • 8U AAA Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Chris Riggs
    • Team: Pennsauken Pilots
    • Player’s Name: Caleb Worrell
    • Jersey Number: 40
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “Caleb set the scoresheet on fire this weekend scoring 12 goals and notching 4 assists. He has the ability to take over hockey games and this weekend, he did just that. Great work, Caleb!”
  • 8U Beginner Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Jeff Koss
    • Team: Delaware Ducks
    • Player’s Name: Ella Harrington
    • Jersey Number: 4
    • Position: Goalie
    • Quote: “Ella had an exciting weekend and was all over the ice. In her 2nd year in hockey, Ella’s skating fundamentals have grown exponentially, and so has her confidence on the puck as a defender. It’s clear that she has a knack for hopping in net and representing as one of the goalie leaders on the team. The team rallies behind Ella’s effort in net both at practice and in the huddle.”
  • 8U Intermediate Division:
    • Nominating Coach: Peter Crocker
    • Team: Royals
    • Player’s Name: Sean Lowery
    • Jersey Number: 98
    • Position: Forward
    • Quote: “As a 7 am mite game can sometimes go, we started with some problems. We are grateful to the coaches, players, and those who were very supportive and accommodating. Understandably with the change, a few players were apprehensive, yet I want to recognize Sean Lowery. Sean exploded into his best game to date! With stick handling and speed, he channeled his inner hockey player and showed the entire rink what he can do! Very happy to see this growth because that is what this year is all about. Let’s Go Royals!”

All players nominated by a coach receive an Honorable Mention

Boden WinchellDelaware Ducks9UAA10Defense
Derek MasonHollydell Hurricanes9UAA77Forward
Estellise LewisHollydell Hurricanes10UAA10Goalie
Patrick HainesHaverford Hawks10UAA16Forward
Logan LanganJersey Shore Wildcats10ULemieux13Forward
Blake KingHollydell Huricanes10ULemieux23Center
Trystan MehlerTeam Philadelphia10UMcDavidDefense
Lawson BurgessJersey Shore Wildcats10UMcDavid91Center
Yajnesh DhanasekaDelaware Ducks10UMcDavid7Forward
Finn FlasherJersey Shore Wildcats10UMcDavid3Defense
Ben UebeleHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid80Defense
Ryan AntonielloMercer Chiefs12UAA18Defense
Julian HimlinGrundy Senators12UMcDavid25Center
Javon MalonePalmyra Black Knights14UAA18Forward
Sean DaviesGrundy Senators14ULemieux40Wing
Aiden TsipenyukGrundy Senators14ULemieux57Wing
Dylan SattlerPAL Silver Knights14ULemieux23Defense
Aiden MontalbanoJersey Shore Wildcats14ULemieux5Defense
Hunter Di PeriPAL Silver Knights14ULemieux18Defense
Michael StevensonGrundy Senators14UMcDavid98Forward
Kevin O’SheaWBS Jr Knights16UAA32Defense
Harry NeillyWissahickon Warriors16UAA25Forward
Dylan LynchTomorrow’s Ice16ULemieux30Goalie
Lukus RaffaufJersey Shore Wildcats16ULemieux19Center
Chase DevlinPalmyra Black Knights16ULemieux14Forward
Anthony DiCrostaGrundy Senators16ULemieux7Forward
Alexander PapagiannakisJersey Shore Americans8UAAA39Defense
Dominic FuscoLI Monarchs8UAAA13Forward
Tommy BrilliJersey Shore Wildcats8UBeginner23Forward