Here are your Atlantic Hockey Federation Players of the Week ending September 10th, 2023. This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

10U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Bryan Roth

  • Team: Team Philadelphia
  • Player’s Name: Sawyer Arras
  • Jersey Number: 46
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: Sawyer had an incredible weekend in goal against some tough opponents. He backstopped his Team Philadelphia team to 3 victories posting a 1.67 goals against average and a .902 save percentage with a shutout. Way to go Sawyer!

10U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: John Bergstrasser

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Lucas Capato
  • Jersey Number: 98
  • Position: Center
  • Quote: Lucas was a big-time contributor for the team this weekend. He not only scored some strong goals himself but also helped facilitate the puck and get the whole team involved. He played a strong two-way game in all 3 games we had this weekend!

10U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Brendan Flanagan

  • Team: Igloo Jaguars
  • Player’s Name: Jonny Gerbavac
  • Jersey Number: 56
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Jonny is a Mite player playing up this season and has risen to the competition, leading the Gretzky league in scoring with 18 goals and 2 assists battling against players 2 years older than him. Excited for Jonny’s hockey future!

10U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Chris Wharton

  • Team: Haverford Hawks
  • Player’s Name: Kyle Schaubel
  • Jersey Number: 25
  • Position: Center
  • Quote: Kyle had a tremendous weekend, scoring a hat-trick on Saturday and adding 4 more points (2 goals, 2 assists) to his weekend total on Sunday!

11U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Tom Fagan

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Christipher Bergstrasser
  • Jersey Number: 28
  • Position: Center
  • Quote: Strong play in a tough loss on 9/923.

12U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Steve Plzak

  • Team: Team Philadelphia
  • Player’s Name: Joseph Catania
  • Jersey Number: 10
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Joe Catania led Team Philadelphia in scoring this weekend with 4 goals and 1 assist in two games against Ashburn on Saturday and a Sunday night matchup vs. Valley Forge Colonials.

12U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Anthony Minerva

  • Team: Rockets Hockey Club
  • Player’s Name: Zachary Gonzalez
  • Jersey Number: 9
  • Position: Left Wing
  • Quote: Listened to what the coach had to say, adjusted while he was on the ice while hearing what I was saying, got into the right areas and ended up scoring a nice goal.

12U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: John C. Snyder

  • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms
  • Player’s Name: Matt Torres
  • Jersey Number: 25
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Matt played his best this past weekend. His passing was crisp, and he had excellent passes to set up the initial goal in each of our games.

12U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Tom Holdinsky

  • Team: Delaware Ducks
  • Player’s Name: Braydon Maccari
  • Jersey Number: 90
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: Braydon provided two outstanding performances this weekend, allowing only 2 goals in each game with a few key saves which changed the momentum of the game. In his first year of travel hockey, he has cemented himself as a leader on the team and inspires his teammates with his hard work and dedication to improve. He also scored a shutout during the showcase.

13U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Mark Krull

  • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
  • Player’s Name: Cameron Kocuba
  • Jersey Number: 81
  • Position: Defense
  • Quote: Cam went 110% on every shift and was a role model for his teammates on how to give maximum effort. His positioning, hustle, and strong play in front of our net resulted in breaking up numerous strong scoring chances against our opponents. Great job Cam!

14U AA Division: Nominating Coach: John Fields

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Brayden McGuffin
  • Jersey Number: 9
  • Position: Defense
  • Quote: Brayden has been consistently one of our top defensemen all year. He had a great first-period goal against Palmyra that helped us to our only victory of the weekend.

14U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Wally Mitchell

  • Team: PAL Silver Knights
  • Player’s Name: Daniel Madden
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Right Wing
  • Quote: Danny shares the puck to make use of the entire ice as well as small area battles. Fills in at center when needed and makes other players look good by bringing 2 opposing players to him while teammates are now open for a good scoring opportunity.

14U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Evan Calendrillo

  • Team: North Jersey Avalanche Blue
  • Player’s Name: Charles Lombardo
  • Jersey Number: 26
  • Position: Center
  • Quote: Charlie has been a dominant force on both ends of the ice for our team to start the season. 7 games into this young season and Charlie has played in every role and is leading the team in goals with 15 and points with 22.

14U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Matt Lewis

  • Team: Tri City Eagles
  • Player’s Name: Daniel Gagarin
  • Jersey Number: 15
  • Position: Goalie
  • Quote: This was Daniel’s first game in U14. He is playing up this year instead of with 12U and gave up only 5 goals to a York team that has thus far scored 62 goals in 7 games, making several outstanding saves among his 20, including 2 off his mask.

15U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Matt Knop

  • Team: Chesterfield Falcons
  • Player’s Name: Quinn Wulkopf
  • Jersey Number: 23
  • Position: Center

16U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Brandon Van Scoy

  • Team: Wilkes Barre/Scranton Knights
  • Player’s Name: Slater Sandor
  • Jersey Number: 71
  • Position: Center/Forward
  • Quote: Slater’s leadership on and off the ice boosted the team’s confidence. Scoring two goals in our second game, Slater led the team to victory against an undefeated opponent.

16U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Peter Birmingham

  • Team: Southern Maryland Sabres
  • Player’s Name: Matt Birmingham
  • Jersey Number: 50
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Scored a hat-trick in each game this weekend. Hustled for the puck with his teammates.

16U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: David Sonde

  • Team: Tri City Eagles
  • Player’s Name: Jayden Hyon
  • Jersey Number: 98
  • Position: Wing
  • Quote: “I’m nominating Jayden Hyon for Player of the Week for not only his individual contributions this past weekend (two goals and two assists over two games) but his response to us being down. He proved to me that he’s a leader and someone I can lean on when we need to ask a little more of ourselves. His second goal of the weekend came in our second game when we were down 2-4. His effort allowed us to get the score down to a single goal and the opportunity to come back. Unfortunately, we came up short, but he is someone I will be looking to throughout this season when we’re (again) faced with adversity.”

18U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Tyler Greene

  • Team: MYHA
  • Player’s Name: Grayson Winckler
  • Jersey Number: 14
  • Position: Forward/Center

8U AAA Division: Nominating Coach: Mike Kennedy

  • Team: NJ Blizzard AAA
  • Player’s Name: Ben Flynn
  • Jersey Number: 12
  • Position: Forward
  • Quote: Ben exhibits amazing leadership qualities for his age and is an outstanding listener. His skill level is high, and his teammates truly look up to him. Recently found out Ben will have hip surgery and miss several weeks recovering. Season stats 6GP 9G 3A 12p.

Honorable Mentions

Connor McGovernHollydell Hurricanes10UAA88Center
Gabriel KauffmanPalmyra Black Knights10UGretzky26Goalie
Chris GutierrezNorth Jersey Avalanche10UAA4Center
Ryan BurkeIgloo Jaguars10UMcDavid13Center
Rory McCauslinPalmyra Black Knights10UMcDavid70goalie
Jack AschenbachMYHA UA Blue10UGretzky13Wing
Ethan WahlYork Devils10ULemieux35Goalie
Lucas CapatoValley Forge Colonials10ULemieux98Forward/Center
Tyler MankusLehigh Valley Phantoms Youth U10 A110ULemieux58Center
Joshua JohnsonValley Forge Colonials10UMcDavid27Center
Camryn BakerLancaster Firebirds Squirt Black10UGretzky21Goalie
Kevyn SorensenLehigh Valley Phantoms10UAA13Forward
Sebastian GratcofskyRockets10UGretzky3Center
Cole McQuayTI North Stars White10UMcDavid14Forward
Anthony AbateNJ Bandits Red10UMcDavid10Center
Reese CarolsHurricanes red10UMcDavid64Right wing
Jordan OmicilTri City Eagles10ULemieux76C
Tanner GoodPalmyra Black Knights10ULemieux22Forward
Troy BrechlerFrederick Freeze12ULemieux79Goalie
Nate HayesHollydell Hurricanes12UMcDavid86Defense
Sawyer RepetzLehigh valley phantoms youth12UMcDavid77Center
Tobias ReyesMYHA12UGretzky89Forward
Nate HayesHollydell Hurricanes12UMcDavid86Defense
Hristos TerranovaNJ Bandits12UAA20Center & Wing
Austin AriaWissahickon Warriors12UMcDavid15Right wing
Entire Defensive CorpDelaware Ducks12UGretzky5 7 17 82Defense
Brayden PatrickPalmyra Black Knights 12U Lemieux12ULemieux31Goalie
Roman BoselliValley Forge Colonials12UMcDavid19Defense
Owen LindsayTri City Eagles12UMcDavid24Forward
Joseph FalboValley Forge Colonials12UMcDavid11Forward
Jason (JP) LappeGrundy Senators Delfin12UMcDavid32Forward
Ryan MeehanTeam Philadelphia12UGretzky72Goalie
Sarah VangPTL U12 Elite12UGretzky14Defense
Gavin KolochValley Forge Colonials13UAA65Goalie
Dylan SimoneLong Island Rebels13UAA13Forward
Roland HillierLehigh Valley Phantoms Youth 14UA14UGretzky13Center
Roman MotskinNorth Jersey Avalanche14UAA75Forward
Eli hollerRockets Hockey Club14ULemieux8Goalie
AKSHAY ANANDSportscare Kings Yellow14ULemieux52Center
Michael ShawverHollydell Hurricanes White14ULemieux11Forward
Nicholas SalvatoTri City Eagles14UGretzky70Goali
Aiden RittenhouseValley Forge Colonials14ULemieux97Forward
Ilan ShterenbergMYHA14UGretzky79Goalie
Chris PassuthMercer Chiefs Black14ULemieux29Goalie
Dominic landolfiNorth Jersey Kings15UAA78Center
Ben LuoTri City Eagles15UAA10Wing
Klim BelkoGrundy Senators16ULemieux65Center
Gabe DellerPalmyra Black Knights16UGretzky53Goalie
Ian SujanskyRoyals16ULemieux14Forward
Brett RudinskyValley Forge Colonials16UGretzky9Center
Andrew GalkinTri City Eagles16ULemieux66Center
James DannerValley Forge Colonials16ULemieux32Goaltender
Blake BoyerPalmyra Black Knights – Mihan16ULemieux16Center
Hudson MontuoriRSG8UAAA75Defense