The AHF announces the Players of the Week for the week ending September 18, 2022.  The Players of the Week is a weekly feature during the 2022-23 season that honors players in all divisions. Only players that are nominated by their respective teams are considered.

Age Level / Division: 8AAA
Team: North Jersey Blizzard
Player: Jake Boyev (F) – Games: 1, Goals: 3, Assists: 3

“Team player, great overall performance by Jake and team!!” said Coach Scott Levine.

Age Level / Division: 10A
Team: Philadelphia Blazers
Player: Ryder Palmer (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 4, Assists: 3
“Ryder is a strong power forward determined to find the back of the net,” said Coach Joe Szychulski.

Age Level / Division: 10AA
Team: Palmyra Black Knights
Player: Samuel Trieskey (F) – Games: 3, Goals: 3, Assists: 4
“Sammy played an outstanding two way game in his three games this week. Not only did he lead his at both ends of the ice he lead his team in assists. Sammy showed an outstanding work effort and leadership.,” said Coach James Robbins.

Age Level / Division: 10B
Team: Hollydell Hurricanes 10UB
Player: Will Ryan (D) – Games: 2, Goals: 2, Assists: 1
“Will Ryan is a solid defenseman will an ability to skate with the puck and score. His commitment to his team is unparalleled, with demonstrating hard work ethic at all practice and games,” said Coach Paul Rohanna.

Age Level / Division: 12A
Team: Royals 12a 2011
Player: Mike McNulty (F) – Games: 3, Goals: 5, Assists: 0
“”Mikey” was aggressive all weekend and put us in a great spot! Played physical and got to dirty areas to help on defense as well!” said Coach Tom Mitchell.

Age Level / Division: 12AA
Team: Igloo Jaguars 
Player: Cole Jones (G) – Games: 2, Goals Against: 3, Saves: 36/39 (1 Shutout)
“1st game 3 goals against on 39 shots for a 92.3 save percentage. 2nd game was a shutout including 3 saves on shootouts,” said Coach Chris Brosius.

Age Level / Division: 12B
Team: MYHA 12U B Blue
Player: Luca Keller (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 3, Assists: 1
“3 goals and 1 assist in 2 tightly contested games including the only goal in a 1-0 thriller!” said Coach Marc Bragin.

Age Level / Division: 13AA
Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms Youth 
Player: Porter Fegley (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 4, Assists: 4
“Kid puts in a tremendous amount of work outside of practice and is seeing major results,” said Coach John Musella.

Age Level / Division: 14A
Team: Wissahickon Warriors White
Player: Sam Bevan (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 4, Assists: 1
“Sam had four goals and one assist this weekend.  Three of those goals occurred in Sundays game, the third being our game winner in a shootout.  A clutch performance from #21,” said Coach Mike Budd.

Age Level / Division: 14AA 
Team: Delaware Ducks 
Player: Malen Winkleblech (F) – Games: 3, Goals: 3, Assists: 5
No quote was provided by Nominating Coach Nick Blue.

Age Level / Division: 14B
Team: Igloo Jaguars
Player: Scott Sabarese (D) – Games: 2, Goals: 2, Assists: 1
“Offensive Defense man, Huge size able to battle threw the strong side of the ice easily with speed,” said Coach Carl Orth.

Age Level / Division: 15AA
Team: Palmyra Black Knights
Player: Jeffery Saul Jr (F) – Games: 4, Goals: 6, Assists: 0
“Had a goal in every game played this weekend. As well as shootout goal!” said Coach Swede Farling.

Age Level / Division: 16A
Team: Frederick Freeze
Player: Charles Forino (G) – Games: 2, Goals Against: 1, Saves: 37 (1 Shutout)
“Gave up just one goal in leading his team to two of their wins this weekend including a 28 shot shutout versus Valley Forge,” said Coach David Soifer.

Age Level / Division: 16AA
Team: Skylands Kings Navy
Player: Aidan Lindgren (F) – Games: 4, Goals: 7, Assists: 3
No quote was provided by Nominating Coach Charlie Spetz.

Age Level / Division: 18A
Team: Wissahickon Warriors Red
Player: Patrick Stelacio (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 7, Assists: 4
“Pat had 11 points in just 2 games this weekend. In Saturdays game he had both a hat-trick and a playmaker, followed by another hat-trick Sunday. Big weekend for us, helping us get 2 big wins,” said Coach Frank Blust.

Age Level / Division: 18AA
Team: Team Philadelphia
Player: Devin Hoban (F) – Games: 2, Goals: 4, Assists: 1
“Devin had game winning goals in both of our games this weekend, coming through big in the 3rd period of both very tightly contested games.,” said Coach Eric Wolf.


10U AA
Nicholas Sauer (F) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Kyle Carella (F) – Igloo Jaguars
Jonah Welner (G) – Igloo Jaguars
Alec Popovic (F) – NJ Stars
Jason Buzy (F) – PAL Sound Tigers
Tobi Rakoff (F) – Valley Forge Colonials

10U A
Cole Marotta (G) – Palmyra Black Knights
Zach Wagner (D) – Capital City Vipers
Chase Bryant (F) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Tommy Ritz (D) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Chris Doot (F) – Maryland Jr. Black Bears
Jaxon Hostetter (F) – Lancaster Firebirds
Karan Bharghava (G) – MYHA UA Blue
Griffin Earley (F) – MYHA LA Blue
Charlie Hartley (F) – NJ Bandits
Brayden Lauver (D) – Palmyra Black Knights
Mason Maloney (F) – York Devils

10U B
Josh Jesse (D) – Haverford Hawks
Nash England (D) – Haverford Hawks
Will Ryan (D) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Griffin Boody (F) – Igloo Jaguars
Lucas Garstka (F) – Royals
Zack Charron (F) – Team Philadelphia
Henry Schnieder IV (F) – Tomorrow’s Ice
Joseph Faccio (F) – Wissahickon Warriors
Christopher Mascia (F) – Wissahickon Warriors
Ben Gembe (F) – York Devils

12U AA
Aaron Zuckerman (G) – Team Philadelphia

12U A
William Pileggi (F) – Royals
Jed Sobler (G) – NJ Bandits
Luke Saxton (G) – Grundy Senators
Liam Gabe (G) – Haverford Hawks
Joey Lieb (F) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Paul Schmeltzer (G) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Brendan Carey (F) – Igloo Jaguars
Dylan Paranich (F) – Igloo Jaguars
Alex Lombardi (F) – Jersey Shore Wildcats
Mason Baker (F) – Lancaster Firebirds
Ashleigh Tice (F) – NJ Stars
Wesley Tomasko (G) – Palmyra Black Knights
Jaiden Hoban (F) – Philadelphia Blazers
Bret Ketrow (G) – Rockets Hockey Club
Casey Magill (F) – Southern Maryland Sabres
Patrick Jackson (D) – Valley Forge Colonials
Nico Chiaramonte (F) – Wissahickon Warriors
Alessandro Carbone (D) – Wissahickon Warriors
Adrian Fitzingo (F) – York Devils

12U B
Cameron Ridgeway (D) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Cayden Kish (F) – Lehigh Valley Phantoms
Mark Kase (F) – Palymra Black Knights
Gavin Geiger (F) – Valley Forge Colonials
Archer Willis (G) – Valley Forge Colonials

13U AA
James Profeta (D) – Metro Militia
Carson Jones (D) – MYHA
Benjamin Blizniak (F) – NJ Stars
Lydon MacClay (F) – Valley Forge Colonials

14U AA
Derek Raudabaugh (F) – Lehigh Valley Phantoms
Daniel Rosenstock (G) – MYHA
Kaden Weiler (F) – Palmyra Black Knights
Reid Kessler (F) – York Devils

14U A
Lucas Gonzalez (D) – Grundy Senators
Brody Santora (G) – Grundy Senators
Jonathan Eves (F) – Haverford Hawks
Conley Ryan (F) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Jackson Siefert (G) – Hollydell Hurricanes
Lucas Devito (F) – Igloo Jaguars
Lucas Zoller (F) – Lancaster Firebirds
Aiden Kortbawi (G) – Lehigh Valley Phantoms
Julian Mehler (F) – North Jersey Avalanche
Jack LaChapelle (F) – Tomorrow’s Ice
Peter Neville (G) – Valley Forge Colonials
Cameron Strausbaugh (G) – York Devils

14U B
Dylan Lam (F) – Ashburn Xtreme
Miles Wendland (F) – MYHA

15U AA
Jagger Smith (F) – Royals

16U AA
Bryce Zeoli-Luisi (G) – York Devils

16U A
Conor Dietz (F) – Ashburn Xtreme
Brady Mercante (F) – Delaware Ducks
Bradley Cupples (F) – Frederick Freeze
Lex Udell (F) – Grundy Senators
Daniel Falletta (F) – Jersey Shore Wildcats
Josh Kurtz (F) – Lancaster Firebirds
Max Grotheer (F) – Maryland Jr. Black Bears
Jake Hamre (G) – Sportscare Kings
James Maryinsky (F) – Valley Forge Colonials
Patrick Murphy (D) – MYHA

18U AA
Christian Hertzig (F) – Sportscare Kings

18U A
Keldon Maoury (F) – Ashburn Xtreme
Garrett Wolfe (G) – Lehigh Valley Phantoms
Kevin Dromgoole (F) – Palmyra Black Knights
Bam Smith (F) – York Devils

Full Ice Mites AAA
Reid Messa (F) – Lehigh Valley Steel