Here are your Atlantic Hockey Federation Players of the Week and Peak Performer ending October 15th, 2023. This weekly feature, running throughout the 2023-24 season, pays tribute to outstanding players across all divisions. Our honorees are selected from player nominations submitted by their respective coaches. You can now commemorate their achievements with customizable Player of the Week merchandise available in the league store.

10U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Chris Harrington

  • Team: Delaware Ducks
  • Player’s Name: Aiden Harrington
  • Jersey Number: 4
  • Position: Defense
  • Aiden had a strong showcase weekend contributing 5 goals and 2 assists to the team’s efforts. Aside from the stats, his effort to lead by example with a positive attitude and strong efforts on both sides of the puck were huge!

10U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Andy Gojdycz

  • Team: Jersey Shore Wildcats
  • Player’s Name: Cross Carhart
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Forward
  • Cross led the offense this weekend as he scored 6 points in 4 games as the Wildcats went 3-1 in the AHF Showcase.

10U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Peter Naranjo

  • Team: MYHA
  • Player’s Name: Jack Aschenbach
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Forward
  • Jack was able to score 3 goals and have 2 assists, while still helping his team defensively against a very strong opponent.

10U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Jason Kellam

  • Team: Southern Maryland Sabres
  • Player’s Name: Leighton Roof
  • Jersey Number: 93
  • Position: Forward
  • Leighton had a great weekend of Hockey. He had 6 goals in 3 games and led the team in scoring this weekend. Hats off to the Palmyra Black Knights-Merrill and Navy Rams 10U B for their great team sportsmanship.

11U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Robert Doody

  • Team: Hollydell Hurricanes
  • Player’s Name: Michael Divito
  • Jersey Number: 13
  • Position: Forward
  • Throughout this weekend’s 11U AA Showcase, Michael Divito took his game to another level, helping the Hurricane’s to achieve a 3-1 record, by recording 5 goals and 3 assists including an exciting game-winning goal with 5 seconds remaining in one of the games.

12U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Paul Robert

  • Team: Jersey Shore Wildcats
  • Player’s Name: Aiden Cash
  • Jersey Number: 15
  • Position: Forward
  • Great Kid and a leader! He plays both sides of the rink and is becoming a team leader and a player that shows grit and determination each and every shift.

12U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: John C. Snyder

  • Team: Lehigh Valley Phantoms Youth
  • Player’s Name: Alexandra Neu
  • Jersey Number: 34
  • Position: Forward
  • Alex really hustled and played her position to the extreme! She was there several times to set up a goal and succeeded three times! She also used her hockey sense to be in the right place at the right time to place that puck in the back of the net four times! The team is very proud of the relentless effort she displayed this weekend!

12U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Bryce McGuire

  • Team: Frederick Freeze
  • Player’s Name: Matthew Venezie
  • Jersey Number: 28
  • Position: Center
  • Matt demonstrates great leadership on and off the ice. He leads his team by example, hustling every shift, and being a true team player.

12U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: Dave Tran

  • Team: Tri City Eagles
  • Player’s Name: Oliver Gustafson
  • Jersey Number: 28
  • Position: Goalie
  • Oliver made numerous big saves throughout the game which helped the team solidify a big win after a 3-4 team loss earlier in the day to the same team. His confidence and positioning was a huge difference in this game; earning him a 94.4% save percentage for the game.

13U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Mike Porcello

  • Team: LI Rebels
  • Player’s Name: Richard Ogburn
  • Jersey Number: 62
  • Position: Forward
  • A very determined effort. Our team had a number of injuries, and Ricky showed great leadership.

14U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Adam Kondraski

  • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
  • Player’s Name: Chase Skriletz
  • Jersey Number: 22
  • Position: Center
  • Chase Skriletz demonstrated great leadership in close games and was able to capture two hat tricks on the weekend!

14U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Michael Fitzgerald

  • Team: Valley Forge Colonials
  • Player’s Name: Sullivan Schoedler
  • Jersey Number: 81
  • Position: Goalie
  • In our non-league game this weekend Sully helped the team secure a 4-1 victory keeping 33 of 34 shots out of the net. Sully always plays with grit and determination, and this weekend was no exception.

14U Gretzky Division: Nominating Coach: Shawn Grant

  • Team: MYHA
  • Player’s Name: Jack Greissing
  • Jersey Number: 55
  • Position: Forward
  • Jack had a strong weekend with 2 goals and an assist to help lead our team to two wins to start CBHL play. He was also key defensively with strong back-checking and key face-off wins.

14U McDavid Division: Nominating Coach: W. Scott Monks

  • Team: TI North Stars
  • Player’s Name: Jeremy Doyle
  • Jersey Number: 55
  • Position: Forward
  • Jeremy set up our goal scorer with a game-winning primary assist to help defeat MYHA 3-1 this weekend. His relentless effort to hunt for the puck throughout the game paid off to help his team secure the victory.

15U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Coach Placier

  • Team: NJ Bandits
  • Player’s Name: Brady Driesse
  • Jersey Number: 2
  • Position: Defense
  • Brady had 3 goals and 3 assists, a game winner with 18.6 seconds left in regulation to beat Team Philly.

16U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Beau Armstrong

  • Team: Clearwater Ice Storm
  • Player’s Name: Elliot Hernandez
  • Jersey Number: 91
  • Position: Forward
  • Elliot had a very strong weekend being a dual threat defensively and offensively registering 2 goals and 5 assists this weekend. Elliot works very hard on and off the ice being the best player he can possibly be.

16U Lemieux Division: Nominating Coach: Neil Devlin

  • Team: Palmyra Black Knights
  • Player’s Name: Braden McCloskey
  • Jersey Number: 9
  • Position: Forward
  • Braden’s 7 Points in 2 games along with his drive and effort helped propel our team to 2 hard-fought games, one of which we started down 0-3. He is a team player, and his excitement level when his line mates score, or when he scores is equal, putting the team first.

18U AA Division: Nominating Coach: Bill

  • Team: Igloo Jaguars
  • Player’s Name: Ben Meyer
  • Jersey Number: 37
  • Position: Forward
  • Ben dominated the weekend with 14 points.

18U A Division: Nominating Coach: Steve York

  • Team: Grundy Senators
  • Player’s Name: Aiden Hullings
  • Jersey Number: 19
  • Position: Goalie
  • Having his best year, allows us to be competitive in every game. Played great against the phantoms.

8U AAA Division: Nominating Coach: Mike Green

  • Team: LI Riptide
  • Player’s Name: Kyle Lee/Grant Crossman
  • Jersey Numbers: 77/39
  • Position: Goalie
  • This goalie duo played a huge part of the team’s 3-0-1 weekend. Playing strong in chaotic situations.

Honorable Mentions

Roman LudwigWBS Jr Knights9UAA99Center
Santino NastaseHollydell Hurricanes10UAA81Forward
Colby OrtegaTeam Philadelphia10UAA48Defense
Henry whalenLI Whalers10UAA46Forward
Andrew BuzzeoSouthern MD Sabres10UGretzky33Forward
David KlusRoyals10UMcDavid74Center
Talin DesaiHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid86Forward
Zachary FultonHaverford Hawks10UMcDavid37Wing
Maximilian HsuLI Whalers11UAA9Forward
Levi GrinbergRoyals11UAA12Forward
Liam DoyleValley Forge Conials11UAA98Center
Kieran BachmanValley Forge Colonials12UAA52Forward
Ava DeblingerNorth Jersey Avalanche12UAA11Defense
Connor WilsonMercer Chiefs12UAA80Center
Nikita EvdokimovRoyals12UAA5Forward
Conor MadiganNJ Bandits12UAA27Defense
Carter SteierPalmyra Black Knights12UAA55Goalie
Lucas HaganHaverford Hawks12ULemieux56Forward
Samuel BartleWissahickon Warriors12ULemieux30Defense
Jensen HoffmanSouthern MD Sabres12ULemieux3Defense
Ibrahim QureshiRockets12ULemieux20Goalie
Julissa WilliamsonFrederick Freeze12ULemieux86Forward
Lucas MillerWissahickon Warriors12UGretzky16Forward
Conner ThirSouthern MD Sabres12UGretzky73Center
Nicholas BerlMYHA12UGretzky18Defense
Bryson ReinhartValley Forge Colonials12UGretzky9Forward
Maxim AskarovTri City Eagles12UGretzky79Forward
Will RyanHollydell Hurricanes12UMcDavid15Defense
Alex SanfordNJ Bandits Girls12UMcDavid8Forward
Joshua ChuValley Forge Colonials12UMcDavid23Forward
Ethan BurkeTeam Philadelphia12UMcDavid27Forward
Nicholas SeelyGrundy Senators12UMcDavid21Forward
Jake KeilLI Whalers13UAA30Goalie
Gabe ClarkPalmyra Black Knights13UAA8Defense
Thomas SettefratiValley Forge Colonials13UAA28Forward
Daniel DoneganHaverford Hawks14UAA19Forward
Derek JollonNYC Skyliners14UAA88Forward
Marcus D’ErricoPAL Blue Knights14UAA19Forward
Daniel DoneganHaverford hawks14UAA19Forward
Jacob BilottaValley Forge Colonials14UAA26Forward
Bryce HaasLehigh Valley Phantoms14UGretzky43Forward
PorzilloMD Jr Black Bears14UGretzky74Wing
Ethan DeaseyLehigh Valley Phantoms14UMcDavid94Forward
Jake ProudPhiladelphia Blazers15UAA19Center
Thomas PilkingtonTri City Eagles16UAA45Wing
Logan Gibbs and Jerome SudhakarArizona Bobcats16UAA38 & 35Goalie
Luke BrownPalmyra Black Knights16UAA98Forward
Tanner EvansWBS Jr Knights16UAA26Forward
Shane KellerTeam Philadelphia16ULemieux6Forward
Hilten ValentePalmyra Black Knights16ULemieux13Forward
Chase DevlinPalmyra Black Knights16ULemieux14Forward
Michael GreenLI Riptide8UAAA46Center