Final KRACH Rankings and Playoff Qualifiers have been finalized for all AAs (not 12U), 18U A, and 16U A. The number of Subdivisions is based on the size of the divisions (A1/A2 treated separately). Top 4 teams in each division make the playoffs for the division.

  • Less than 10 teams – 1 division (no subdivisions)
    • Teams ranked 1-4 play in the Championship
  • 11-14 Teams- 2 Subdivisions
    • Teams ranked 5-8 play in the Gold
  • 15-26 teams: 3 Subdivisions
    • Teams ranked 9-12 play in the Silver
  • 27+ Teams: 4 Subdivisions
    • Teams ranked 13-16 play in the Bronze

Will your team be the next to raise the AHF banner and call yourselves CHAMPIONS?

Click here to view Playoff Qualifiers for the first weekend of Playoffs (2/18-2/20). The final schedule for this weekend will be made available on the website later today.